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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Orwell, what word best describes Tolstoy's criticisms?
(a) Inconsistent.
(b) Indirect.
(c) Prejudiced.
(d) Obsolete.

2. How does Orwell feel about Shakespeare?
(a) He admires what Shakespeare attempted, but dislikes his works.
(b) He loves his work, and has profound respect for him as an artist.
(c) He likes Shakespeare's characters, but not the plots of his plays.
(d) He likes Shakespeare, but realizes that there are flaws in his work.

3. Orwell begins Chapter 8 with a meeting of what club?
(a) The 4-H Club.
(b) The Lions Club.
(c) The Rotary Club.
(d) The P.E.N. Club.

4. According to Orwell, what should the relationship be between the murderer and the victim?
(a) Lover.
(b) Spouse.
(c) Son or daughter.
(d) Sibling.

5. What similarity does Orwell find between the Catholic and Communist ideologies?
(a) Both appoint a leader without the input of the followers.
(b) Both provide harsh punishments for dissenters.
(c) Both are based on an idea that sounds much better until it is put into practice.
(d) Both refuse to acknowledge the honesty and intellectual capability of their opponents.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Orwell feel about winning by cheating?

2. According to Orwell, spring is more noticeable for people in what areas?

3. How does Orwell feel about scientific words and foreign phrases?

4. How does Orwell feel about people bonding through sports?

5. Patients in the narrator's hospital are used for what?

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