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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Burnham say about the Nazis?
(a) They may have been monsters in a different era, but in this one, they were fine.
(b) They were good soldiers, with corrupt leadership.
(c) They were monsters.
(d) They were well intended, but misguided.

2. What relationship does Orwell establish between freedom for political writers, and non-political ones?
(a) Freedom for non-political writers does not affect freedom for political ones.
(b) The two freedoms go hand in hand.
(c) Orwell doesn't establish a relationship between the two.
(d) Freedom for political writers does not affect freedom for non-political ones.

3. What sort of bath does the hospital staff give the narrator?
(a) They put him in five inches of warm water.
(b) They swab his body with warm damp towels.
(c) They hand him a bucket of cold water and a washcloth for him to bathe with.
(d) They put him in a lukewarm bath.

4. According to Orwell, literature is in danger from censorship, and what else?
(a) The lack of affordable higher education.
(b) The poor quality of public education.
(c) A loss of interest in literature among young adults.
(d) The corporate sponsorship of writers.

5. What does Orwell say is the sole purpose of a metaphor?
(a) To supply one thing with the attributes of another.
(b) To explain an association between two things
(c) To further the point of the writer.
(d) To call up a visual image.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Orwell feel about Gandhi's involvement in politics?

2. Orwell says, in Chapter 12, that he has occasionally found what in summer?

3. Chapter 12 begins with a description of the life cycle of what animal?

4. According to Orwell, what word best describes Tolstoy's criticisms?

5. Gulliver disapproves of what sort of knowledge, according to Orwell?

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