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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Orwell describe Gandhi's political solutions?
(a) "Backwards."
(b) "Progressive."
(c) "Godly."
(d) "Medievalist."

2. What crucial element of Shakespeare's works does Tolstoy fail to recognize, according to Orwell?
(a) The fact that Shakespeare deliberately incorporated flaws into his work.
(b) The social commentary in Shakespeare's works.
(c) Shakespeare's lack of education.
(d) Shakespeare's status as a poet.

3. What does the narrator call the hospital?
(a) "L'hopital du mort."
(b) "Hopital X."
(c) "The Tomb."
(d) "Nurse Ratchet's wing."

4. The narrator is a citizen of what country?
(a) Australia.
(b) Burma.
(c) India.
(d) Britain.

5. How does Orwell feel about the English language?
(a) It is declining, and the trend is irreversible.
(b) It is neither improving nor declining.
(c) It is improving.
(d) It is in decline, but can be saved.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which play did Tolstoy criticize most harshly?

2. What does the prisoner begin to chant as he walks?

3. According to Orwell, how does Gandhi compare to other politicians of his time?

4. Patients in the narrator's hospital are used for what?

5. How does Orwell feel about Gandhi's policy of non-violent protest?

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