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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which play did Tolstoy criticize most harshly?
(a) "King Lear".
(b) "The Misanthrope".
(c) "Romeo and Juliet".
(d) "Dr. Faustus".

2. Overall, how does Orwell feel about "Gulliver's Travels"?
(a) He likes the books, and has reread them many times.
(b) He feels that the books have an important message, but are poorly executed.
(c) He understands, and sympathizes with, Swift's message, but thinks the books are poorly executed.
(d) He is bored by them, and doesn't understand people's fascination with the story.

3. What is Orwell's problem with phrases like "swan song"?
(a) It anthropomorphizes a non-human entity.
(b) It is an overused cliché.
(c) It is a dying metaphor.
(d) It makes use of alliteration.

4. In Orwell's opinion, what does Tolstoy do to the scenes he is presenting?
(a) He takes them out of context.
(b) He misunderstands them.
(c) He misquotes them.
(d) He distorts them.

5. In principle, with whom does the narrator side?
(a) The prisoners.
(b) The British.
(c) The Burmese.
(d) The police.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Orwell feel about scientific words and foreign phrases?

2. How is the prisoner behaving, as he is marching to his death?

3. How does Orwell feel about Shakespeare?

4. What is the subject of Gulliver's ranting in the second book of "Gulliver's Travels"?

5. Why does the narrator eventually shoot the elephant?

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