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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Burnham, who governs the manners and morals of a given era?
(a) The aristocracy.
(b) The general public.
(c) Religious figures.
(d) Those who are in power.

2. What does Burnham write about Stalin?
(a) He is a sham, who must be overthrown.
(b) He is a necessary and logical continuation from Lenin.
(c) He is less than ideal, but still a competent leader.
(d) He is brilliant and misunderstood.

3. According to Orwell, what were Smith's religious beliefs?
(a) He was not a religious man.
(b) Swift believed in a higher power, but rejected organized religions.
(c) Swift was a firm believer in the necessity of organized religion.
(d) Swift subscribed to his own form of spirituality.

4. What does Burnham say about the Nazis?
(a) They were well intended, but misguided.
(b) They may have been monsters in a different era, but in this one, they were fine.
(c) They were monsters.
(d) They were good soldiers, with corrupt leadership.

5. How much does Orwell think the managerial revolution, which Burnham writes about, has influenced the United States?
(a) A lot.
(b) Very little.
(c) Some.
(d) Not at all.

Short Answer Questions

1. Burnham predicted that what nation would be victorious in World War II?

2. How does Orwell feel about Burnham, and his methods of prophesying?

3. In "The Managerial Revolution", what does Burnham say about capitalism?

4. According to Orwell, how does Gulliver change from part two to part three of "Gulliver's Travels"?

5. According to Gulliver, scientists should not concern themselves with what area of thought?

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