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Chapter 1

• The narrator describes his position as a police officer in Moulmein, Burma. The story is set during the time when Burma was a colony of the British Empire and, like most colonies, there was discontent among the citizens.

• The narrator is a target for the native citizens of Burma, because he symbolizes the oppressive British. In principle, the narrator agrees with the Burmese, but his social position, combined with their constant harassment of him, limits his compassion for them.

• The narrator learns that a domesticated elephant is on a rampage, destroying huts and fruit-stalls, and trampling one person.

• By the time the narrator finally finds the elephant, he is being followed by a large crowd of spectators, who are eagerly awaiting the elephant's murder.

• The narrator is reluctant to shoot the elephant, which is expensive, and generally tame; however, the crowd of over 2000 people is making it...

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