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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What permission does Toranaga give Blackthorne about his crew?
(a) that he could bury them.
(b) that he could send them back to Portugal.
(c) that he could return them to the ship.
(d) that he could visit them.

2. Who does Mura send to dig for what Toranaga lost in the earthquake?
(a) some Portuguese.
(b) some prisoners.
(c) some villagers.
(d) some samurai.

3. What does Blackthorne tell Ishido at the party?
(a) that he is taking Mariko with him when he leaves.
(b) that he is no longer barbarian.
(c) that he is available at the right price.
(d) that he knows Toranaga's plans.

4. Who has possession of the Erasmus?
(a) Yabu.
(b) Toranaga.
(c) the Jesuits.
(d) Blackthorne.

5. How does Toranaga handle the situation with the large number of samurai on the beach when he arrives?
(a) he refuses to leave the galley.
(b) he has his own troops ready in ambush.
(c) he tenders his resignation as a council member.
(d) he sends Yabu to speak for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Toranaga clever to resign from the council?

2. Who does Toranaga send for to come to his quarters?

3. What is a part of Toranaga's plan against Ishido?

4. What does Blackthorne say that he and Mariko are to Toranaga?

5. What agreement do Buntaro and Mariko come to?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Toranaga respond to Ishido's demand that he come to Osaka?

2. Why do Blackthorne, his crew, and some samurai move the Erasmus?

3. What event breaks up the birthday party for Ochiba?

4. What instruction does Yodoko give Ochiba, the mother of Yaemon?

5. Why is Ochiba unsure of the parentage of Yaemon who is thought to be the son of Taikō?

6. How does Omi further attempt to ingratiate himself with Lord Toranaga?

7. What is the request Blackthorne makes of Toranaga regarding Mariko?

8. Describe Blackthorne's introduction to Kiku.

9. what is the chief concern among Toranaga's people pending his arrival at his castle?

10. Why does Mariko travel to Osaka with scrolls for Kiri and Sazuko?

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