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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Buntaro seek lodging when he comes with Toranaga?
(a) with Mariko.
(b) in Yabu's house.
(c) with Rodrigues.
(d) in Blackthorne's house.

2. What does Blackthorne suggest Toranaga intends to do with him and Mariko?
(a) promote them.
(b) sacrifice them.
(c) demote them.
(d) sell them.

3. How will Fujiko pay for the reconstruction of Blackthorne's house if his finances are insufficient?
(a) from taxing the villagers.
(b) from selling off some of his property.
(c) from money given by Toranaga.
(d) out of her own personal fortune.

4. What is the tactical surprise Toranaga contemplates against his enemies?
(a) an attack during the night.
(b) an attack from the rear.
(c) a three sided attack.
(d) an attack during the rainy season.

5. What demand does Toranaga make of his son to prove his fidelity?
(a) to divorce his wife.
(b) to put his head on a chopping block.
(c) to slaughter his four children.
(d) to swear on the heads of his children.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Toranaga attempt to make peace between Buntaro and Mariko?

2. Who does Toranaga send for to come to his quarters?

3. What is Mariko trying to goad Ishido into admitting?

4. What agreement do Buntaro and Mariko come to?

5. Why does Blackthorne threaten to commit suicide?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Toranaga publicly honor Yabu?

2. How does Toranaga respond to Ishido's demand that he come to Osaka?

3. What is Blackthorne's surprise about the rebuilding of his house after the earthquake and fire?

4. How does Toranaga attempt to make peace between Buntaro and Mariko?

5. What are the circumstances that call off the attack against Mariko after the bomb goes off?

6. What instruction does Yodoko give Ochiba, the mother of Yaemon?

7. What is the unusual request Buntaro makes of Blackthorne.

8. what is the chief concern among Toranaga's people pending his arrival at his castle?

9. Why does Mariko travel to Osaka with scrolls for Kiri and Sazuko?

10. What unusual battle plan does Toranaga come up with to use against Ishido?

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