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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Blackthorne threaten to commit suicide?
(a) he thinks he has no chance to learn Japanese.
(b) the village is held responsible for his learning Japanese.
(c) no one in the village will help him learn Japanese.
(d) he does not want to learn Japanese.

2. What concerns Blackthorne after the earthquake?
(a) the condition of the Erasmus.
(b) the danger of going out at night.
(c) the cost of rebuilding his house.
(d) the number of casualties.

3. What perks does Blackthorne now enjoy?
(a) a suite in the palace and a valet.
(b) a house, servants, and a generous allowance.
(c) a different girl every night and beer to drink.
(d) a small boat and a beach house.

4. What is the new class of young ladies that Gyoko suggests?
(a) that of tea server.
(b) that of geisha.
(c) that of madame.
(d) that of entertainer.

5. Where does Blackthorne go to meet Kiku?
(a) the theater.
(b) Toranaga's house.
(c) a tea house.
(d) the ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is on the Erasmus when Blackthorne arrives?

2. What does Blackthorne tell Ishido at the party?

3. What news does Yabu have for Blackthorne?

4. On her deathbed, what does Yodoko tell Ochiba she must do?

5. What did Toranaga lose during the earthquake?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Toranaga publicly honor Yabu?

2. Why is Ochiba unsure of the parentage of Yaemon who is thought to be the son of Taikō?

3. Why do Blackthorne, his crew, and some samurai move the Erasmus?

4. What unusual battle plan does Toranaga come up with to use against Ishido?

5. How does Toranaga respond to Ishido's demand that he come to Osaka?

6. How does Toranaga attempt to make peace between Buntaro and Mariko?

7. What is the request Blackthorne makes of Toranaga regarding Mariko?

8. What is the problem between Toranaga and his half-brother Zataki?

9. What instruction does Yodoko give Ochiba, the mother of Yaemon?

10. What is Blackthorne's surprise about the rebuilding of his house after the earthquake and fire?

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