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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sentence is pronounced on Blackthorne's men?
(a) they must become slaves.
(b) one of them must kill the others.
(c) one of them must die.
(d) they will be deported.

2. How is Rodrigues found the morning after the storm?
(a) floating face down in the surf at the bottom of a cliff.
(b) dead and mangled at the bottom of a cliff.
(c) barely alive at the bottom of a cliff.
(d) alive and well at the bottom of a cliff.

3. After Yabu decides not to kill the crew, where are they held?
(a) in a small cubicle.
(b) on the ship.
(c) in a palace.
(d) in a pit.

4. What has Yabu decided to do against direct orders.
(a) not to kill any of the Englishmen.
(b) go directly to the shōgun.
(c) remain in Yedo.
(d) sink the Erasmus.

5. When Toda Hiro-matsu arrives, what is Yabu doing?
(a) recruiting an army.
(b) unloading the Erasmus.
(c) entertaining Blackthorne.
(d) preparing for an execution.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Blackthorne suspect about Father Sabastio?

2. While Yabu is telling Omi that the next battle will be fought at sea, what does he see entering the bay?

3. What happens when Mariko's husband, Buntaro, is trapped at the end of the jetty?

4. How does Kiri divert attention from Toranaga as they make their escape?

5. Why does Toranaga worry about Blackthorne?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Blackthorne want to get on board the Erasmus?

2. What does Blackthorne insist on as soon as he gets the galley into a safe harbor?

3. Why is the ship Toranaga is on unable to leave the harbor?

4. What is the first indication of Yabu's ambition as Hiro-matsu arrives to see the Erasmus?

5. Where are Blackthorne and his crew held prisoners?

6. How is the conflict between Toranaga and Ishido presented as Ishido is introduced into the novel?

7. Describe the change in Toranaga's orders related to Blackthorne after he is removed from prison.

8. What does Blackthorne tell Toranaga at their first meeting that puzzled him?

9. What are Blackthorne's questions Toranaga tells Mariko not to answer?

10. How does Toranaga communicate with Blackthorne on their first meeting?

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