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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Toranaga send for to come to his quarters?
(a) Alvito.
(b) Mariko.
(c) Hiro-matsu.
(d) Blackthorne.

2. What position does Blackthorne occupy as long as he is in Japan?
(a) lackey.
(b) samurai.
(c) prisoner.
(d) taster.

3. What is Mariko trying to goad Ishido into admitting?
(a) that she has higher rank than he does.
(b) that she is a hostage.
(c) that he plans to kill Blackthorne.
(d) that he fears Toranaga.

4. What precaution is taken for the Erasmus against a possible surprise attack from the sea?
(a) it is under samurai guard.
(b) it is moved to a safe cove.
(c) it is re-armed.
(d) it is sunk.

5. What does Blackthorne request about Mariko?
(a) that she be made a samurai.
(b) that she be allowed to divorce Buntaro.
(c) that she be given his fifedom.
(d) that she be removed from his service.

6. What does Toranaga want in the scrolls Mariko delivers to Kiri and Sazuko?
(a) he wants to see Sazuko's child.
(b) he wants them to move.
(c) he wants Sazuko to have more children.
(d) he wants Kiri to meet Blackthorne.

7. What has Toranga been ordered to do?
(a) give his possessions to his son and commit seppuku.
(b) join the council again.
(c) kill all the foreigners in the country.
(d) surrender his troops.

8. Why is Toranaga clever to resign from the council?
(a) he knows Yaemon will be displeased.
(b) the surprise will confuse the other council members.
(c) the council cannot legally act with only four members.
(d) he is not ready to declare war.

9. Who is on the Erasmus when Blackthorne arrives?
(a) Father Sebastio and Alvito.
(b) Vinck and the samurai on board.
(c) Toranaga and Hiro-matsu.
(d) Rodrigues and a samurai.

10. Who does Mura send to dig for what Toranaga lost in the earthquake?
(a) some prisoners.
(b) some villagers.
(c) some Portuguese.
(d) some samurai.

11. Where is Blackthorne when Yabu arrives to see him?
(a) on board the Erasmus.
(b) waiting to see Toranaga.
(c) at his rebuilt house.
(d) in Mariko's house.

12. Who interests Toranaga as a possible consort?
(a) Kiku.
(b) Mariko.
(c) Fujiko.
(d) Suki.

13. What news does Yabu have for Blackthorne?
(a) he has been made a general.
(b) he cannot sail the Erasmus.
(c) he is free to go.
(d) he must go to Osaka.

14. What does Toranaga declare about Sudara?
(a) he is to marry his cousin.
(b) he is his heir together with his brother.
(c) he is his sole heir.
(d) he is no longer his heir.

15. What natural disaster helps Blackthorne understand the Japanese culture better?
(a) a tsunami.
(b) an earthquake.
(c) a volcano eruption.
(d) a cyclone.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Toranaga handle the situation with the large number of samurai on the beach when he arrives?

2. What agreement do Buntaro and Mariko come to?

3. What is a relief to Blackthorne when he is allowed to board the Erasmus?

4. As Mariko's men are being killed off, what does she do?

5. Who is with Mariko when she dies?

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