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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Yabu give Blackthorne?
(a) the silver taken from the Erasmus.
(b) the muskets taken from the Erasmus.
(c) the canon taken from the Erasmus.
(d) the rutter taken from the Erasmus.

2. What does Blackthorne suggest Toranaga intends to do with him and Mariko?
(a) sacrifice them.
(b) sell them.
(c) promote them.
(d) demote them.

3. What do couriers from Osaka bring to Toranaga?
(a) letters from Yaemon.
(b) a petition for him to return to the council.
(c) a tax bill.
(d) demands from Ishido.

4. What honor does Toranaga grant Blackthorne?
(a) a brace of pistols.
(b) two swords.
(c) a wife.
(d) a fifedom.

5. Why does Blackthorne threaten to commit suicide?
(a) no one in the village will help him learn Japanese.
(b) the village is held responsible for his learning Japanese.
(c) he thinks he has no chance to learn Japanese.
(d) he does not want to learn Japanese.

6. Who is Zataki?
(a) Buntaro's informant.
(b) Yabu's brother.
(c) Toranaga's half brother.
(d) Kiku's consort.

7. Where is Blackthorne when Yabu arrives to see him?
(a) on board the Erasmus.
(b) waiting to see Toranaga.
(c) at his rebuilt house.
(d) in Mariko's house.

8. What agreement do Buntaro and Mariko come to?
(a) to try anew as husband and wife.
(b) to go their separate ways but stay married.
(c) to get a divorce.
(d) to put on a public display as husband and wife.

9. When they next meet, what does Blackthorne tell Mariko he understood at the party?
(a) that Mariko likes to stir up trouble.
(b) that Mariko was acting on Toranaga's orders.
(c) that Mariko was trying to get Ishido to kill her.
(d) that Mariko was defying Toranaga's orders.

10. What does Blackthorne say that he and Mariko are to Toranaga?
(a) decoys.
(b) lame ducks.
(c) amusements.
(d) pidgeons.

11. What has Omi done in preparation for the arrival of Toranaga and Yabu?
(a) spent a great deal of money to have a banquet ready.
(b) spent a great deal of money to hire musicians.
(c) spent a great deal of money and had the beach raked.
(d) spent a great deal of money to paint the palace.

12. What course of action does Yabu recommend?
(a) killing the couriers.
(b) pretending to cooperate.
(c) sending Blackthrone to Ishido.
(d) declaring war.

13. What response does Mura advise if the Holy Father asks about weapons?
(a) we are ready.
(b) we need them.
(c) send us money to buy them.
(d) there are none.

14. What does Toranaga demand of two of his advisers?
(a) that they surrender their swords.
(b) that they tell him everything they know.
(c) that they swear allegiance.
(d) that they commit seppuku.

15. During the digging, what do the villagers express concern about?
(a) rebuilding their houses.
(b) a possible war.
(c) another earthquake.
(d) new taxes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who interests Toranaga as a possible consort?

2. Who does Mura send to dig for what Toranaga lost in the earthquake?

3. What does Rodrigues know if there is a sea battle between his ship and Blackthorne's?

4. What does Toranaga tell Hiro-matsu about his stated plan to go to Osaka?

5. What is a relief to Blackthorne when he is allowed to board the Erasmus?

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