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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What precaution is taken for the Erasmus against a possible surprise attack from the sea?
(a) it is sunk.
(b) it is under samurai guard.
(c) it is moved to a safe cove.
(d) it is re-armed.

2. As Mariko's men are being killed off, what does she do?
(a) takes the sword herself.
(b) runs for cover.
(c) surrenders.
(d) kills Ishido.

3. Who interests Toranaga as a possible consort?
(a) Suki.
(b) Fujiko.
(c) Kiku.
(d) Mariko.

4. What does Toranaga demand of two of his advisers?
(a) that they commit seppuku.
(b) that they surrender their swords.
(c) that they tell him everything they know.
(d) that they swear allegiance.

5. What position does Blackthorne occupy as long as he is in Japan?
(a) taster.
(b) samurai.
(c) prisoner.
(d) lackey.

6. Who has possession of the Erasmus?
(a) the Jesuits.
(b) Yabu.
(c) Blackthorne.
(d) Toranaga.

7. What kills the messenger Blackthorne is talking to on board the Erasmus?
(a) the sword of the samurai.
(b) a falling spar.
(c) a shot from Blackthorne's pistol.
(d) arrows come from a nearby fishing boat.

8. Who does Toranaga send for to come to his quarters?
(a) Blackthorne.
(b) Mariko.
(c) Hiro-matsu.
(d) Alvito.

9. During the digging, what do the villagers express concern about?
(a) new taxes.
(b) a possible war.
(c) another earthquake.
(d) rebuilding their houses.

10. Where does Buntaro seek lodging when he comes with Toranaga?
(a) in Yabu's house.
(b) with Mariko.
(c) with Rodrigues.
(d) in Blackthorne's house.

11. What does Toranaga say to Buntaro about Blackthorne's head.
(a) he wants to elevate it.
(b) he thinks it is on wrong.
(c) he needs it in a basket.
(d) he needs it on his shoulders.

12. What ultimatum is given Blackthorne about his learning the language?
(a) if he does not, he will be beheaded.
(b) if he does not, the entire village will be beheaded.
(c) if he does not, he will be sent to Spain as a spy.
(d) if he does not, Mirako will be beheaded.

13. Where does Blackthorne go to meet Kiku?
(a) a tea house.
(b) the theater.
(c) Toranaga's house.
(d) the ship.

14. When Mariko is unable to leave as ordered by Toranaga, what does she plan to do?
(a) go over to Ishido.
(b) send for assistance.
(c) bribe the guards.
(d) commit seppuku.

15. What does Toranaga want in the scrolls Mariko delivers to Kiri and Sazuko?
(a) he wants Sazuko to have more children.
(b) he wants Kiri to meet Blackthorne.
(c) he wants them to move.
(d) he wants to see Sazuko's child.

Short Answer Questions

1. What agreement do Buntaro and Mariko come to?

2. What are the living conditions of Blackthorne's crew?

3. What gift does Rodrigues give Blackthorne that makes him suspicious?

4. What does Blackthorne request about Mariko?

5. How does Toranaga handle the situation with the large number of samurai on the beach when he arrives?

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