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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What agreement do Buntaro and Mariko come to?
(a) to go their separate ways but stay married.
(b) to get a divorce.
(c) to put on a public display as husband and wife.
(d) to try anew as husband and wife.

2. How will Fujiko pay for the reconstruction of Blackthorne's house if his finances are insufficient?
(a) from money given by Toranaga.
(b) from taxing the villagers.
(c) from selling off some of his property.
(d) out of her own personal fortune.

3. What does Mariko do when she sees the results of the ninja explosion?
(a) puches Blackthorne out a back door.
(b) runs to save Kiku.
(c) throws her kimono on the flames.
(d) throws herself into it to avoid being taken alive.

4. What course of action does Yabu recommend?
(a) sending Blackthrone to Ishido.
(b) declaring war.
(c) killing the couriers.
(d) pretending to cooperate.

5. As Mariko's men are being killed off, what does she do?
(a) surrenders.
(b) takes the sword herself.
(c) kills Ishido.
(d) runs for cover.

6. What does Yabu give Blackthorne?
(a) the canon taken from the Erasmus.
(b) the silver taken from the Erasmus.
(c) the rutter taken from the Erasmus.
(d) the muskets taken from the Erasmus.

7. What does Toranaga demand of two of his advisers?
(a) that they swear allegiance.
(b) that they tell him everything they know.
(c) that they commit seppuku.
(d) that they surrender their swords.

8. What are the living conditions of Blackthorne's crew?
(a) they are in filth and crawling with lice.
(b) they are in a large house with servants.
(c) they are free to make improvements on their houses.
(d) they have all been given Japanese wives.

9. What is Mariko trying to goad Ishido into admitting?
(a) that she is a hostage.
(b) that he fears Toranaga.
(c) that she has higher rank than he does.
(d) that he plans to kill Blackthorne.

10. What is a relief to Blackthorne when he is allowed to board the Erasmus?
(a) all his old crewmen are there.
(b) the Portuguese rutter has been returned.
(c) it is flying the Portuguese flag.
(d) it is in good condition.

11. What ultimatum is given Blackthorne about his learning the language?
(a) if he does not, Mirako will be beheaded.
(b) if he does not, he will be beheaded.
(c) if he does not, the entire village will be beheaded.
(d) if he does not, he will be sent to Spain as a spy.

12. How does Toranaga attempt to make peace between Buntaro and Mariko?
(a) having Buntaro apologize to Mariko.
(b) having Buntaro spend the night with Mariko.
(c) giving Buntaro a fiefdom.
(d) giving Mariko a financial settlement.

13. Why is there someone always following Blackthorne?
(a) to try and kidnap him.
(b) to guide him if he gets lost.
(c) for his protection.
(d) to spy on him.

14. Who intercepts Mariko, Kiri, and Sazuko as they prepare to leave the palace walls?
(a) Hiro-matso's men.
(b) Toranaga's men.
(c) Ishido's men.
(d) the Jesuits.

15. Who is Zataki?
(a) Yabu's brother.
(b) Toranaga's half brother.
(c) Buntaro's informant.
(d) Kiku's consort.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Toranaga tell Hiro-matsu about his stated plan to go to Osaka?

2. Why does Omi's wife agree that the money is well spent?

3. What does Blackthorne request about Mariko?

4. What position does Blackthorne occupy as long as he is in Japan?

5. What permission does Toranaga give Blackthorne about his crew?

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