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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has possession of the Erasmus?
(a) Toranaga.
(b) Blackthorne.
(c) Yabu.
(d) the Jesuits.

2. What does Yabu give Blackthorne?
(a) the muskets taken from the Erasmus.
(b) the rutter taken from the Erasmus.
(c) the silver taken from the Erasmus.
(d) the canon taken from the Erasmus.

3. Who is Zataki?
(a) Yabu's brother.
(b) Toranaga's half brother.
(c) Buntaro's informant.
(d) Kiku's consort.

4. What does Toranaga declare about Sudara?
(a) he is his sole heir.
(b) he is to marry his cousin.
(c) he is no longer his heir.
(d) he is his heir together with his brother.

5. During the digging, what do the villagers express concern about?
(a) rebuilding their houses.
(b) new taxes.
(c) a possible war.
(d) another earthquake.

6. Why does Omi's wife agree that the money is well spent?
(a) it might be repaid by Toranaga.
(b) it will impress the villagers.
(c) it shows his status in the world.
(d) it could lead to promotion.

7. After purging his advisers, what does Toranaga do?
(a) he calls for Blackthorne's advice.
(b) he goes to his room to wait.
(c) he moves in with his samurai.
(d) he mounts an attack party.

8. What is a part of Toranaga's plan against Ishido?
(a) to appear to accept defeat.
(b) to offer a huge bribe to Ishido.
(c) to pretend to commit seppuku.
(d) to disguise himself as Goyoko.

9. What are the living conditions of Blackthorne's crew?
(a) they are free to make improvements on their houses.
(b) they are in a large house with servants.
(c) they are in filth and crawling with lice.
(d) they have all been given Japanese wives.

10. What perks does Blackthorne now enjoy?
(a) a suite in the palace and a valet.
(b) a different girl every night and beer to drink.
(c) a house, servants, and a generous allowance.
(d) a small boat and a beach house.

11. What is in the coded message to Blackthorne from Yabu?
(a) he must train Japanese crew members.
(b) he must be ready to sail at a moment's notice.
(c) he must sink the Erasmus.
(d) he must return to Toranaga.

12. What does Rodrigues know if there is a sea battle between his ship and Blackthorne's?
(a) he will defeat Blackthorne.
(b) Blackthorne will defeat him.
(c) the Jesuits will sabotage Blackthorne's ship.
(d) Toranaga will be on Blackthorne's ship.

13. What gift does Rodrigues give Blackthorne that makes him suspicious?
(a) a history of the Jesuits in Japan.
(b) a newly copied rutter.
(c) a dictionary of Portuguese to Japanese language.
(d) a copy of the Bible in English.

14. Who interests Toranaga as a possible consort?
(a) Mariko.
(b) Fujiko.
(c) Suki.
(d) Kiku.

15. What does Toranaga demand of two of his advisers?
(a) that they surrender their swords.
(b) that they swear allegiance.
(c) that they tell him everything they know.
(d) that they commit seppuku.

Short Answer Questions

1. What permission does Toranaga give Blackthorne about his crew?

2. Where does Blackthorne ignore an insult from Ishido?

3. What does Mariko do when she sees the results of the ninja explosion?

4. Where does Blackthorne go to meet Kiku?

5. As Mariko's men are being killed off, what does she do?

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