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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Toranaga send for to come to his quarters?
(a) Alvito.
(b) Hiro-matsu.
(c) Blackthorne.
(d) Mariko.

2. After purging his advisers, what does Toranaga do?
(a) he moves in with his samurai.
(b) he mounts an attack party.
(c) he goes to his room to wait.
(d) he calls for Blackthorne's advice.

3. During the digging, what do the villagers express concern about?
(a) new taxes.
(b) rebuilding their houses.
(c) another earthquake.
(d) a possible war.

4. What is in the coded message to Blackthorne from Yabu?
(a) he must sink the Erasmus.
(b) he must return to Toranaga.
(c) he must train Japanese crew members.
(d) he must be ready to sail at a moment's notice.

5. What permission does Toranaga give Blackthorne about his crew?
(a) that he could bury them.
(b) that he could visit them.
(c) that he could return them to the ship.
(d) that he could send them back to Portugal.

6. Where is Blackthorne when Yabu arrives to see him?
(a) at his rebuilt house.
(b) waiting to see Toranaga.
(c) on board the Erasmus.
(d) in Mariko's house.

7. What is a relief to Blackthorne when he is allowed to board the Erasmus?
(a) it is in good condition.
(b) the Portuguese rutter has been returned.
(c) all his old crewmen are there.
(d) it is flying the Portuguese flag.

8. What surprises Mariko when she leaves with Yabu?
(a) that Blackthorne follows them out.
(b) that Ishido allowed them to leave.
(c) at Yabu's public display of support.
(d) at the emotion shown by Ishido.

9. What does Toranaga tell Gyoko about Kiku?
(a) he wants to give her to Blackthorne.
(b) he thinks she is Ishido's spy.
(c) he wants to buy her contract for himself.
(d) he wants to give her to Buntaro.

10. What demand does Toranaga make of his son to prove his fidelity?
(a) to divorce his wife.
(b) to put his head on a chopping block.
(c) to slaughter his four children.
(d) to swear on the heads of his children.

11. How does Toranaga attempt to make peace between Buntaro and Mariko?
(a) having Buntaro apologize to Mariko.
(b) giving Buntaro a fiefdom.
(c) having Buntaro spend the night with Mariko.
(d) giving Mariko a financial settlement.

12. What is the tactical surprise Toranaga contemplates against his enemies?
(a) an attack during the night.
(b) an attack during the rainy season.
(c) a three sided attack.
(d) an attack from the rear.

13. What does Blackthorne say that he and Mariko are to Toranaga?
(a) decoys.
(b) pidgeons.
(c) amusements.
(d) lame ducks.

14. Who is on the Erasmus when Blackthorne arrives?
(a) Toranaga and Hiro-matsu.
(b) Vinck and the samurai on board.
(c) Rodrigues and a samurai.
(d) Father Sebastio and Alvito.

15. What response does Mura advise if the Holy Father asks about weapons?
(a) we are ready.
(b) there are none.
(c) send us money to buy them.
(d) we need them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gift does Rodrigues give Blackthorne that makes him suspicious?

2. Who does Mura send to dig for what Toranaga lost in the earthquake?

3. What agreement do Buntaro and Mariko come to?

4. Who interests Toranaga as a possible consort?

5. What does Toranaga say to Buntaro about Blackthorne's head.

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