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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What demand does Toranaga make of his son to prove his fidelity?
(a) to swear on the heads of his children.
(b) to put his head on a chopping block.
(c) to slaughter his four children.
(d) to divorce his wife.

2. Who prevents Blackthorne from killing himself?
(a) Rodrigues.
(b) Omi.
(c) Mirako.
(d) Alvito.

3. On her deathbed, what does Yodoko tell Ochiba she must do?
(a) admit who was the real father of Yaemon.
(b) marry Ishido to save Yaemon.
(c) take Yaemon and hide in the mountains.
(d) marry Toranaga and put Yaemon in his care.

4. Who is on the Erasmus when Blackthorne arrives?
(a) Rodrigues and a samurai.
(b) Father Sebastio and Alvito.
(c) Vinck and the samurai on board.
(d) Toranaga and Hiro-matsu.

5. What is the new class of young ladies that Gyoko suggests?
(a) that of geisha.
(b) that of tea server.
(c) that of entertainer.
(d) that of madame.

6. What does Blackthorne suggest Toranaga intends to do with him and Mariko?
(a) demote them.
(b) promote them.
(c) sacrifice them.
(d) sell them.

7. What gift does Rodrigues give Blackthorne that makes him suspicious?
(a) a newly copied rutter.
(b) a copy of the Bible in English.
(c) a dictionary of Portuguese to Japanese language.
(d) a history of the Jesuits in Japan.

8. What does Mariko do when she sees the results of the ninja explosion?
(a) throws her kimono on the flames.
(b) puches Blackthorne out a back door.
(c) throws herself into it to avoid being taken alive.
(d) runs to save Kiku.

9. What does Toranaga tell Gyoko about Kiku?
(a) he wants to give her to Buntaro.
(b) he wants to give her to Blackthorne.
(c) he thinks she is Ishido's spy.
(d) he wants to buy her contract for himself.

10. What concerns Blackthorne after the earthquake?
(a) the number of casualties.
(b) the danger of going out at night.
(c) the condition of the Erasmus.
(d) the cost of rebuilding his house.

11. What agreement do Buntaro and Mariko come to?
(a) to go their separate ways but stay married.
(b) to try anew as husband and wife.
(c) to put on a public display as husband and wife.
(d) to get a divorce.

12. What does Toranaga declare about Sudara?
(a) he is his sole heir.
(b) he is his heir together with his brother.
(c) he is to marry his cousin.
(d) he is no longer his heir.

13. Who intercepts Mariko, Kiri, and Sazuko as they prepare to leave the palace walls?
(a) the Jesuits.
(b) Ishido's men.
(c) Hiro-matso's men.
(d) Toranaga's men.

14. Who interests Toranaga as a possible consort?
(a) Fujiko.
(b) Kiku.
(c) Suki.
(d) Mariko.

15. What position does Blackthorne occupy as long as he is in Japan?
(a) prisoner.
(b) lackey.
(c) samurai.
(d) taster.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the living conditions of Blackthorne's crew?

2. What does Blackthorne request about Mariko?

3. Why is Toranaga clever to resign from the council?

4. What response does Mura advise if the Holy Father asks about weapons?

5. What does Toranaga say to Buntaro about Blackthorne's head.

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