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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Rodrigues during the storm?
(a) he has a religious experience.
(b) his safety line snaps and he is washed overboard.
(c) he misses his chance to kill Blackthorne.
(d) he becomes too ill to pilot the galley.

2. What is the position of Toda Hiro-matsu?
(a) he is Toranga's rival.
(b) he is Toranga's adviser.
(c) he is the provencial governor.
(d) he is the shōgun's general.

3. Who arrives and almost puts an end to the ruse Toranaga uses for his getaway?
(a) Mariko.
(b) Ishido.
(c) Yaemon.
(d) Father Sebastio.

4. Why does Toranaga deny the young widow the privilege of committing seppuku?
(a) because he wants her to be publicly punished.
(b) because she is young and will have more children.
(c) because she is the sister of the shōgun.
(d) because it is not allowed of women.

5. What does Yabu find on the Erasmus?
(a) stowaways and maps of the Pacific Ocean.
(b) dynamite, fuses, water mines, and wine.
(c) rum, Chinese silks, coconuts, and bananas.
(d) muskets, gold, silver, plate, coins, and fancy clothing.

6. What color signifies Toranaga's warriors?
(a) blue.
(b) gray.
(c) green.
(d) brown.

7. How does the galley get safely into the harbor?
(a) the storm ceases.
(b) Blackthorne pilots it.
(c) another galley comes to haul it.
(d) a freak wind saves it.

8. What does Rodrigues believe is in the delivery to Toranaga?
(a) a catechism written in Japanese.
(b) maps from the Erasmus.
(c) orders to kill Blackthorne.
(d) Blackthorne's rutters.

9. Who does Suwa know plans to kill Yabu one day?
(a) Su, the uncle of Yabu's enemy, Ikawa Jikkyu.
(b) Yuriko.
(c) Father Sabastio.
(d) Toranaga.

10. What prevents the ship from moving once Toranaga and his party are on board?
(a) the ship cannot weigh anchor.
(b) the Erasmus is blocking their way.
(c) the ship is blockaded in by fishing boats all armed with samurai.
(d) the ship is taking on water fast.

11. How does Buntaro escape death?
(a) Toranaga sends him a horse and orders him to safety.
(b) Rodrigues's galley comes close enough for him to swim.
(c) the soldiers begin to slip and fall off the jetty.
(d) Toranaga's men ambush the soldiers.

12. Why is Toranaga concerned about Martin Alvito?
(a) he has shifty eyes.
(b) he thinks a long time before translating.
(c) he is too close to the Jesuits.
(d) he is not sure he translates correctly.

13. How long has Hiro-matsu been serving Toranaga?
(a) for twenty years.
(b) for ten years.
(c) since he was fifteen.
(d) since the revolution.

14. Why does Rodrigues go aboard the Erasmus?
(a) removing the canon.
(b) looking for the rutters.
(c) guiding the Japanese.
(d) looking for Blackthorne.

15. How does Blackthorne divert attention from Toranaga in the palanquin?
(a) by pointing to the sky.
(b) by doing a hornpipe dance.
(c) by feigning a fit.
(d) by bowing low to Ishido.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the difference between the Erasmus and the galley headed to Osaka?

2. What is Rodrigues carrying for Father Sebastio?

3. How did the book Blackthorne looks for happen to be on the Erasmus?

4. What is Blackthorne's position before the wreck of the Erasmus?

5. During the trip on the galley, how does the weather change?

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