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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Blackthorne show his contempt for Father Sabastio?
(a) by making faces behind his back.
(b) by shouting at him.
(c) by snatching and breaking his crucifix.
(d) by refusing to speak to him.

2. Why does Ishido Kazunari insult Toranaga?
(a) to precipitate a change in government.
(b) to have an excuse for killing him.
(c) to challenge his samurai.
(d) to see how he will react.

3. Why does Blackthorne bow to Yabu?
(a) to beg for his life.
(b) for his superior air.
(c) for his bravery in saving the life of Rodrigues.
(d) for his allowing Blackthorne to save Rodrigues.

4. After Yabu decides not to kill the crew, where are they held?
(a) in a small cubicle.
(b) in a pit.
(c) in a palace.
(d) on the ship.

5. How is it planned to get Toranaga to his own territory and palace?
(a) by caravan.
(b) by palanquin.
(c) by camel.
(d) by ship.

6. What lie does Blackthorne continue to tell?
(a) that he is only a deckhand.
(b) that the Erasmus is a British ship.
(c) that his fleet is coming.
(d) that he comes from Argentina.

7. What happens when Mariko's husband, Buntaro, is trapped at the end of the jetty?
(a) he jumps into the ocean and swims away.
(b) Rodrigues shows up to rescue him.
(c) he prepares to kill himself.
(d) he launches a bomb that blows up the jetty.

8. What is Rodrigues carrying for Father Sebastio?
(a) a letter.
(b) a sealed package.
(c) a donation to Toranga.
(d) a crate of sake.

9. How does Blackthorne justify deceiving the friar?
(a) by recognizing the lies the friar tells.
(b) because he cannot explain in Spanish.
(c) by simply not telling everything.
(d) because the friar may be a spy.

10. Who comes to take Blackthorne from the pit?
(a) a priest.
(b) Yabu himself.
(c) a courtesan.
(d) a young boy.

11. What has Yabu decided to do against direct orders.
(a) go directly to the shōgun.
(b) remain in Yedo.
(c) not to kill any of the Englishmen.
(d) sink the Erasmus.

12. Before the storm, who comes on deck to see Blackthorne piloting the ship while Rodrigues sleeps?
(a) Hiro-matsu and Father Sebastio.
(b) a priest and Yabu.
(c) Hiro-matsu and Yabu.
(d) Toranaga and Yabu.

13. What does the samurai Omi do when one man fails to bow upon his arrival?
(a) he slices off the man's head.
(b) he throws the man into prison.
(c) he orders the man put to the lash.
(d) he has the man crucified.

14. What are the men given to eat?
(a) uncooked rice.
(b) putrid fish.
(c) wilted cabbage.
(d) sushi

15. What is the difference between the Erasmus and the galley headed to Osaka?
(a) the galley is more rugged than the Erasmus.
(b) the Erasmus is built for the rough weather.
(c) the Erasmus is much larger than the galley.
(d) the Erasmus has oars but the galley does not.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Toranaga leave the palace in Osaka?

2. Why does Toranaga worry about Blackthorne?

3. What is Blackthorne looking for when he manages to return to his ship?

4. What country does Blackthorne say he is not an enemy of?

5. What does Rodrigues believe is in the delivery to Toranaga?

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