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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do many guards die on the way to the ship?
(a) they are attacked by tigers.
(b) they are attacked by archers.
(c) they fall into the water.
(d) they are attacked by peasants.

2. What does Blackthorne admit to Toranaga about the war between Spain and Holland?
(a) that it will soon spread to Japan.
(b) that religious differences are a ridiculous reason for war.
(c) that he never participated in it.
(d) that it has nothing to do with him.

3. How does Yabu cover his attempt to get the ship's treasure and weaponry for himself?
(a) he lies that he had orders from Toranga.
(b) he lies that he was only inventorying the goods.
(c) he lies that he was doing it to keep them safe.
(d) he lies that his men acted on their own.

4. How did the book Blackthorne looks for happen to be on the Erasmus?
(a) it belonged to the first mate.
(b) it was made by Blackthorne.
(c) it was bought from the French.
(d) it was stolen from the Portuguese.

5. Why does Toranaga not take the galley for his escape?
(a) it is in dry dock.
(b) it is being repaired.
(c) it is filled with Gray samurai.
(d) it cannot out maneuver the ship.

6. How does Toranaga leave the palace in Osaka?
(a) disguised as a gardener.
(b) disguised as a woman.
(c) disguised as a priest.
(d) disguised as a samurai.

7. While Yabu is telling Omi that the next battle will be fought at sea, what does he see entering the bay?
(a) a fleet of English warships.
(b) the HMS Pinafore.
(c) a pod of whales.
(d) a ship flying the flag of Toranaga.

8. Why is Blackthorne suddenly being treated well?
(a) because he has the map.
(b) on orders from Ishido.
(c) because he tells the truth.
(d) on orders from Toranaga.

9. What is Blackthorne's position before the wreck of the Erasmus?
(a) pilot-major of the trading ship Erasmus.
(b) translator for the British.
(c) navigator of the Omi.
(d) captain of the Santa Theresa.

10. What does the first priest indicate when he arrives where Blackthorne is held prisoner?
(a) that Blackthorne is going to die.
(b) that Blackthorne is safe because of his golden hair.
(c) that Blackthorne will become a slave.
(d) that Blackthorne is the lone survivor of the wreck.

11. Who is the pilot of the galley that will take Blackthorne to Osaka?
(a) a Frenchman named LaSalle.
(b) a Portuguese named Vasco Rodrigues.
(c) an Englishman named Hyde-White.
(d) a Chinese named Li Wang.

12. What happens when Mariko's husband, Buntaro, is trapped at the end of the jetty?
(a) he launches a bomb that blows up the jetty.
(b) he jumps into the ocean and swims away.
(c) Rodrigues shows up to rescue him.
(d) he prepares to kill himself.

13. How does Kiri divert attention from Toranaga as they make their escape?
(a) she sets fire to her kimono.
(b) she does a dance for the soldiers to see.
(c) she screams that she is going into labor.
(d) she shouts for care to be taken of Sazuko who has fallen.

14. Where does Blackthorne find himself once again?
(a) on Rodrigues's galley.
(b) in a cramped prison cell
(c) on the Erasmus.
(d) in front of Toranaga.

15. How does Rodrigues begin to feel about Blackthorne?
(a) he likes him and plans to help him.
(b) he likes him but suspects he is a danger to him.
(c) he begins to suspect he is not a pilot.
(d) he suspects he is a spy for Toranga.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Blackthorne bow to Yabu?

2. Who knows there have been secret deals between Ishido and two of the others who rule for Yaemon?

3. What causes Yabu to defy orders?

4. How does Blackthorne divert attention from Toranaga in the palanquin?

5. Why is it dangerous for Toranaga, disguised as Kiri, to reach for the scroll Ishido brings?

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