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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the position of Toda Hiro-matsu?
(a) he is the shōgun's general.
(b) he is the provencial governor.
(c) he is Toranga's rival.
(d) he is Toranga's adviser.

2. How is Rodrigues found the morning after the storm?
(a) dead and mangled at the bottom of a cliff.
(b) alive and well at the bottom of a cliff.
(c) floating face down in the surf at the bottom of a cliff.
(d) barely alive at the bottom of a cliff.

3. What does Blackthorne admit to Toranaga about the war between Spain and Holland?
(a) that he never participated in it.
(b) that it has nothing to do with him.
(c) that religious differences are a ridiculous reason for war.
(d) that it will soon spread to Japan.

4. How does Blackthorne justify deceiving the friar?
(a) because the friar may be a spy.
(b) because he cannot explain in Spanish.
(c) by simply not telling everything.
(d) by recognizing the lies the friar tells.

5. Why does Ishido Kazunari insult Toranaga?
(a) to have an excuse for killing him.
(b) to see how he will react.
(c) to challenge his samurai.
(d) to precipitate a change in government.

6. What does Domingo say about the prisoners in the place where he and Blackthorne are?
(a) they are all condemned to die.
(b) they will all be released.
(c) they will soon be forgotten.
(d) they will be used as medical experiments.

7. What does Blackthorne do when he realizes he is not going to be executed?
(a) goes to his room and yells.
(b) makes an offering to the priest.
(c) a hornpipe dance.
(d) a series of back flips.

8. How does the galley get safely into the harbor?
(a) another galley comes to haul it.
(b) the storm ceases.
(c) Blackthorne pilots it.
(d) a freak wind saves it.

9. How does Rodrigues begin to feel about Blackthorne?
(a) he begins to suspect he is not a pilot.
(b) he suspects he is a spy for Toranga.
(c) he likes him and plans to help him.
(d) he likes him but suspects he is a danger to him.

10. What does Domingo teach Blackthorne?
(a) how to plan an escape.
(b) some words and phrases in Japanese.
(c) some Biblical history.
(d) how to keep warm in the cell.

11. After Yabu decides not to kill the crew, where are they held?
(a) in a small cubicle.
(b) on the ship.
(c) in a pit.
(d) in a palace.

12. Why does Hiro-matsu request permission to commit seppuku?
(a) because he is tired of living.
(b) because his wife shamed him in public.
(c) because he lost his property.
(d) because of the shame of his grandson's action.

13. Before the storm, who comes on deck to see Blackthorne piloting the ship while Rodrigues sleeps?
(a) Hiro-matsu and Yabu.
(b) Hiro-matsu and Father Sebastio.
(c) a priest and Yabu.
(d) Toranaga and Yabu.

14. How is Rodrigues when the galley arrives safely in Osaka?
(a) he is delirious.
(b) he is conscious.
(c) he is dead.
(d) he is still unconscious.

15. What does Rodrigues consider doing with Blackthorne?
(a) killing him.
(b) hiding him.
(c) helping him with Toranga.
(d) partnering with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Toranaga not take the galley for his escape?

2. What does Rodrigues believe is in the delivery to Toranaga?

3. What is Toda's plan for the Erasmus?

4. Why do many guards die on the way to the ship?

5. Why is Blackthorne suddenly being treated well?

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