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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Blackthorne wakes up and finds everyone swimming, what is Toranaga wanting to do?
(a) learn English.
(b) catch some fish.
(c) hurry on to land.
(d) learn how to dive.

2. Who knows the true story of the death of Obata Hiro and Toranaga's grandfather?
(a) a Portugese.
(b) Yabu's consort.
(c) a blind masseur.
(d) an old priest.

3. What is Blackthorne looking for when he manages to return to his ship?
(a) the rudder.
(b) the rubber.
(c) the ribber.
(d) the rutter.

4. What is the position of Toda Hiro-matsu?
(a) he is the provencial governor.
(b) he is Toranga's rival.
(c) he is Toranga's adviser.
(d) he is the shōgun's general.

5. After Yabu decides not to kill the crew, where are they held?
(a) in a palace.
(b) in a pit.
(c) in a small cubicle.
(d) on the ship.

6. How does Blackthorne justify deceiving the friar?
(a) by simply not telling everything.
(b) by recognizing the lies the friar tells.
(c) because he cannot explain in Spanish.
(d) because the friar may be a spy.

7. How does Blackthorne realize he is not going to be executed?
(a) they take him out of the prison courtyard.
(b) they tell him in Portuguese.
(c) they give him a musket.
(d) they give him a bath and new clothes.

8. Who knows there have been secret deals between Ishido and two of the others who rule for Yaemon?
(a) Rodrigues
(b) Blackthorne
(c) Mariko
(d) Martin Alvito

9. When Toda Hiro-matsu arrives, what is Yabu doing?
(a) preparing for an execution.
(b) recruiting an army.
(c) unloading the Erasmus.
(d) entertaining Blackthorne.

10. What are the men given to eat?
(a) uncooked rice.
(b) sushi
(c) wilted cabbage.
(d) putrid fish.

11. What has Toranaga learned about his situation?
(a) he has developed a terminal illness.
(b) he is alone against the other four regents.
(c) he has solid support of the other four regents.
(d) he is scheduled to be executed.

12. How does Blackthorne show his contempt for Father Sabastio?
(a) by snatching and breaking his crucifix.
(b) by refusing to speak to him.
(c) by making faces behind his back.
(d) by shouting at him.

13. How did the book Blackthorne looks for happen to be on the Erasmus?
(a) it was bought from the French.
(b) it belonged to the first mate.
(c) it was made by Blackthorne.
(d) it was stolen from the Portuguese.

14. Why does Omi, nephew of Yabu, advise that the men from the shipwreck not be killed?
(a) because it is not an auspicious day.
(b) because they would amuse the shōgun.
(c) because they might know something important.
(d) because of their apparent dislike of the priest.

15. What does Blackthorne suspect about Father Sabastio?
(a) that he fears for his own life by talking to him.
(b) that he is a spy for the Portuguese
(c) that he is not interpreting properly for the Japanese.
(d) that he is using Blackthorne to elevate his own position.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Yabu is telling Omi that the next battle will be fought at sea, what does he see entering the bay?

2. Who does Suwa know plans to kill Yabu one day?

3. What order does Toda Hiro-matsu issue?

4. What does Blackthorne suspect about the daimyo, Kasigi Yabu, Lord of Izu?

5. What does Rodrigues believe is in the delivery to Toranaga?

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