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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Although he treats Blackthorne well, what does Mura believe?
(a) that the daimyo will order Blackthorne's execution.
(b) that he will be forced to fight a samurai.
(c) that he will become a slave of the shōgun.
(d) that the samurai will chop off his head.

2. What order does Toda Hiro-matsu issue?
(a) that Yabu be executed.
(b) that Yabu return with Blackthorne to Osaka
(c) that Blackthorne be sent to Osaka alone.
(d) that Yabu keeps Blackthorne in his house.

3. How long has Hiro-matsu been serving Toranaga?
(a) since he was fifteen.
(b) for twenty years.
(c) for ten years.
(d) since the revolution.

4. While Yabu is telling Omi that the next battle will be fought at sea, what does he see entering the bay?
(a) the HMS Pinafore.
(b) a fleet of English warships.
(c) a ship flying the flag of Toranaga.
(d) a pod of whales.

5. What is the difference between the Erasmus and the galley headed to Osaka?
(a) the Erasmus has oars but the galley does not.
(b) the Erasmus is much larger than the galley.
(c) the galley is more rugged than the Erasmus.
(d) the Erasmus is built for the rough weather.

6. Why does Toranaga worry about Blackthorne?
(a) he is not sure he told the truth.
(b) he thinks Blackthorne is an assassin.
(c) he thinks Blackthorne is a god.
(d) he fears that many people will try to kill him.

7. How does Toranaga leave the palace in Osaka?
(a) disguised as a gardener.
(b) disguised as a samurai.
(c) disguised as a woman.
(d) disguised as a priest.

8. What does Rodrigues consider doing with Blackthorne?
(a) helping him with Toranga.
(b) killing him.
(c) hiding him.
(d) partnering with him.

9. Who comes to take Blackthorne from the pit?
(a) a priest.
(b) Yabu himself.
(c) a courtesan.
(d) a young boy.

10. How is it planned to get Toranaga to his own territory and palace?
(a) by caravan.
(b) by ship.
(c) by camel.
(d) by palanquin.

11. Who does Blackthorne meet in prison?
(a) some of his old crewmen.
(b) Father Sebastio.
(c) a Friar named Domingo.
(d) the grandson of Hiro-matsu.

12. How does the galley get safely into the harbor?
(a) the storm ceases.
(b) another galley comes to haul it.
(c) Blackthorne pilots it.
(d) a freak wind saves it.

13. What is Blackthorne's position before the wreck of the Erasmus?
(a) pilot-major of the trading ship Erasmus.
(b) translator for the British.
(c) captain of the Santa Theresa.
(d) navigator of the Omi.

14. What does Domingo teach Blackthorne?
(a) how to plan an escape.
(b) some words and phrases in Japanese.
(c) how to keep warm in the cell.
(d) some Biblical history.

15. What is Rodrigues carrying for Father Sebastio?
(a) a sealed package.
(b) a crate of sake.
(c) a letter.
(d) a donation to Toranga.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Mariko's husband, Buntaro, is trapped at the end of the jetty?

2. Who sees Blackthorne as dangerous because of his information?

3. How does Blackthorne divert attention from Toranaga in the palanquin?

4. Why is Blackthorne suddenly being treated well?

5. How is the Englishman killed?

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