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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Omi, nephew of Yabu, advise that the men from the shipwreck not be killed?
(a) because they would amuse the shōgun.
(b) because they might know something important.
(c) because it is not an auspicious day.
(d) because of their apparent dislike of the priest.

2. What happens to Rodrigues during the storm?
(a) he has a religious experience.
(b) he becomes too ill to pilot the galley.
(c) he misses his chance to kill Blackthorne.
(d) his safety line snaps and he is washed overboard.

3. What sentence is pronounced on Blackthorne's men?
(a) one of them must kill the others.
(b) one of them must die.
(c) they must become slaves.
(d) they will be deported.

4. What does Blackthorne suspect about Father Sabastio?
(a) that he is a spy for the Portuguese
(b) that he fears for his own life by talking to him.
(c) that he is using Blackthorne to elevate his own position.
(d) that he is not interpreting properly for the Japanese.

5. What does Blackthorne suspect about the daimyo, Kasigi Yabu, Lord of Izu?
(a) that he understands English.
(b) that he is disinterested in Blackthorne.
(c) that he will carry out the wishes of Father Sabastio.
(d) he does not fully trust Sabastio.

6. How long has Hiro-matsu been serving Toranaga?
(a) for twenty years.
(b) for ten years.
(c) since the revolution.
(d) since he was fifteen.

7. What country does Blackthorne say he is not an enemy of?
(a) the Friar's home country, Spain
(b) Holland.
(c) China.
(d) Japan.

8. What has Yabu decided to do against direct orders.
(a) go directly to the shōgun.
(b) remain in Yedo.
(c) sink the Erasmus.
(d) not to kill any of the Englishmen.

9. Why does Toranaga worry about Blackthorne?
(a) he is not sure he told the truth.
(b) he thinks Blackthorne is a god.
(c) he fears that many people will try to kill him.
(d) he thinks Blackthorne is an assassin.

10. How is the Englishman killed?
(a) in boiling oil.
(b) in the boiling sun.
(c) in boiling water.
(d) in boiling butter.

11. What does Yabu find on the Erasmus?
(a) dynamite, fuses, water mines, and wine.
(b) muskets, gold, silver, plate, coins, and fancy clothing.
(c) rum, Chinese silks, coconuts, and bananas.
(d) stowaways and maps of the Pacific Ocean.

12. How does Blackthorne justify deceiving the friar?
(a) because he cannot explain in Spanish.
(b) by simply not telling everything.
(c) because the friar may be a spy.
(d) by recognizing the lies the friar tells.

13. Why is Toranaga concerned about Martin Alvito?
(a) he is too close to the Jesuits.
(b) he has shifty eyes.
(c) he is not sure he translates correctly.
(d) he thinks a long time before translating.

14. How is it planned to get Toranaga to his own territory and palace?
(a) by palanquin.
(b) by caravan.
(c) by camel.
(d) by ship.

15. Who arrives and almost puts an end to the ruse Toranaga uses for his getaway?
(a) Father Sebastio.
(b) Ishido.
(c) Yaemon.
(d) Mariko.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Mariko's husband, Buntaro, is trapped at the end of the jetty?

2. Who sees Blackthorne as dangerous because of his information?

3. What are the men given to eat?

4. During the trip on the galley, how does the weather change?

5. Who does Suwa know plans to kill Yabu one day?

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