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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long has Hiro-matsu been serving Toranaga?
(a) since he was fifteen.
(b) since the revolution.
(c) for ten years.
(d) for twenty years.

2. What praise does Rodrigues give the Japanese sailors?
(a) they work very cheaply.
(b) they are very polite to the pilot.
(c) they never disobey orders.
(d) they row far past what a normal man would endure.

3. What color signifies Toranaga's warriors?
(a) green.
(b) brown.
(c) blue.
(d) gray.

4. What does Yabu find on the Erasmus?
(a) muskets, gold, silver, plate, coins, and fancy clothing.
(b) dynamite, fuses, water mines, and wine.
(c) stowaways and maps of the Pacific Ocean.
(d) rum, Chinese silks, coconuts, and bananas.

5. How does Rodrigues begin to feel about Blackthorne?
(a) he likes him and plans to help him.
(b) he begins to suspect he is not a pilot.
(c) he suspects he is a spy for Toranga.
(d) he likes him but suspects he is a danger to him.

6. How does Yabu cover his attempt to get the ship's treasure and weaponry for himself?
(a) he lies that he was doing it to keep them safe.
(b) he lies that he had orders from Toranga.
(c) he lies that he was only inventorying the goods.
(d) he lies that his men acted on their own.

7. What is Toda's plan for the Erasmus?
(a) to confiscate the goods and the ship for Toranga.
(b) to destroy the erasmus.
(c) to confiscate the ship for himself.
(d) to remove the canons from the ship.

8. What offer does Rodrigues make to Blackthorne?
(a) to make him his first mate.
(b) to help him escape.
(c) to copy his rutters.
(d) to put in a good word for him.

9. Who does Suwa know plans to kill Yabu one day?
(a) Su, the uncle of Yabu's enemy, Ikawa Jikkyu.
(b) Toranaga.
(c) Father Sabastio.
(d) Yuriko.

10. What is Rodrigues carrying for Father Sebastio?
(a) a crate of sake.
(b) a donation to Toranga.
(c) a letter.
(d) a sealed package.

11. Why does Blackthorne bow to Yabu?
(a) for his superior air.
(b) for his allowing Blackthorne to save Rodrigues.
(c) for his bravery in saving the life of Rodrigues.
(d) to beg for his life.

12. What is Blackthorne's position before the wreck of the Erasmus?
(a) pilot-major of the trading ship Erasmus.
(b) translator for the British.
(c) navigator of the Omi.
(d) captain of the Santa Theresa.

13. Who has instructions to answer every question except those related to politics?
(a) Martin Alvito
(b) Hiro-matsu
(c) Rodrigues
(d) Mariko

14. Before the storm, who comes on deck to see Blackthorne piloting the ship while Rodrigues sleeps?
(a) a priest and Yabu.
(b) Toranaga and Yabu.
(c) Hiro-matsu and Father Sebastio.
(d) Hiro-matsu and Yabu.

15. What prevents Rodrigues from breaking the seal on the thing he is delivering to Toranaga?
(a) his religious ideals.
(b) there is no way to reseal it.
(c) Blackthorne is watching.
(d) his fear of the priest.

Short Answer Questions

1. What order does Toda Hiro-matsu issue?

2. When Blackthorne's name is called, what does he think at first?

3. Who does Blackthorne meet in prison?

4. What has Toranaga learned about his situation?

5. How does Blackthorne manage to get the galley safely out of the way of the flaming arrows?

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