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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Toda's plan for the Erasmus?
(a) to confiscate the goods and the ship for Toranga.
(b) to destroy the erasmus.
(c) to confiscate the ship for himself.
(d) to remove the canons from the ship.

2. Satisfied Blackthorne is not an enemy, what does Friar Dominga tell Blackthorne?
(a) about Spanish priests.
(b) about Spanish ships.
(c) about Spanish gold.
(d) about Spanish cuisine.

3. Why does Ishido Kazunari insult Toranaga?
(a) to have an excuse for killing him.
(b) to precipitate a change in government.
(c) to see how he will react.
(d) to challenge his samurai.

4. Who sees Blackthorne as dangerous because of his information?
(a) the shōgun.
(b) the church.
(c) Hiro-matsu.
(d) Yuba.

5. What does Yabu find on the Erasmus?
(a) dynamite, fuses, water mines, and wine.
(b) stowaways and maps of the Pacific Ocean.
(c) muskets, gold, silver, plate, coins, and fancy clothing.
(d) rum, Chinese silks, coconuts, and bananas.

6. On the way to Osaka, what does Blackthorne do while Rodrigues naps?
(a) talks to the priest.
(b) pilots the galley.
(c) watches Yabu.
(d) tries to escape.

7. What praise does Rodrigues give the Japanese sailors?
(a) they are very polite to the pilot.
(b) they never disobey orders.
(c) they row far past what a normal man would endure.
(d) they work very cheaply.

8. How does Blackthorne justify deceiving the friar?
(a) by recognizing the lies the friar tells.
(b) by simply not telling everything.
(c) because the friar may be a spy.
(d) because he cannot explain in Spanish.

9. What causes Yabu to defy orders?
(a) the onslaught of winter.
(b) his devotion to his wife.
(c) the potential for riches aboard Blackthorne's ship.
(d) his plan to become the shōgun.

10. What does Rodrigues consider doing with Blackthorne?
(a) killing him.
(b) helping him with Toranga.
(c) hiding him.
(d) partnering with him.

11. When Blackthorne's name is called, what does he think at first?
(a) that he is being saved.
(b) that someone is there to help him escape.
(c) that they finally know how to pronounce his name.
(d) that he is going to his death.

12. How does Blackthorne manage to get the galley safely out of the way of the flaming arrows?
(a) he changes the direction of the galley.
(b) he flies a Gray flag on the galley.
(c) he sees an opportunity to go past the frigate.
(d) he lights fires on the galley to look like it is burning.

13. What is Rodrigues carrying for Father Sebastio?
(a) a letter.
(b) a crate of sake.
(c) a donation to Toranga.
(d) a sealed package.

14. Who arrives and almost puts an end to the ruse Toranaga uses for his getaway?
(a) Yaemon.
(b) Ishido.
(c) Mariko.
(d) Father Sebastio.

15. Who has instructions to answer every question except those related to politics?
(a) Martin Alvito
(b) Hiro-matsu
(c) Rodrigues
(d) Mariko

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Omi, nephew of Yabu, advise that the men from the shipwreck not be killed?

2. Why does Blackthorne bow to Yabu?

3. Why does Toranaga deny the young widow the privilege of committing seppuku?

4. Why does Toranaga worry about Blackthorne?

5. What does Domingo say about the prisoners in the place where he and Blackthorne are?

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