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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What country does Blackthorne say he is not an enemy of?
(a) Japan.
(b) the Friar's home country, Spain
(c) China.
(d) Holland.

2. Before the storm, who comes on deck to see Blackthorne piloting the ship while Rodrigues sleeps?
(a) Hiro-matsu and Father Sebastio.
(b) a priest and Yabu.
(c) Hiro-matsu and Yabu.
(d) Toranaga and Yabu.

3. What does Blackthorne want to do?
(a) search the coastline for Rodrigues.
(b) apply for Rodriguez's job.
(c) take command of the galley.
(d) escape during the confusion.

4. What is Toda's plan for the Erasmus?
(a) to confiscate the goods and the ship for Toranga.
(b) to confiscate the ship for himself.
(c) to destroy the erasmus.
(d) to remove the canons from the ship.

5. What sentence is pronounced on Blackthorne's men?
(a) they will be deported.
(b) one of them must kill the others.
(c) they must become slaves.
(d) one of them must die.

6. How does Blackthorne divert attention from Toranaga in the palanquin?
(a) by pointing to the sky.
(b) by doing a hornpipe dance.
(c) by feigning a fit.
(d) by bowing low to Ishido.

7. What does Blackthorne do when he realizes he is not going to be executed?
(a) a series of back flips.
(b) makes an offering to the priest.
(c) goes to his room and yells.
(d) a hornpipe dance.

8. Why is Blackthorne suddenly being treated well?
(a) on orders from Ishido.
(b) because he has the map.
(c) because he tells the truth.
(d) on orders from Toranaga.

9. Who knows there have been secret deals between Ishido and two of the others who rule for Yaemon?
(a) Martin Alvito
(b) Mariko
(c) Rodrigues
(d) Blackthorne

10. What is the position of Toda Hiro-matsu?
(a) he is the shōgun's general.
(b) he is the provencial governor.
(c) he is Toranga's rival.
(d) he is Toranga's adviser.

11. How does the galley get safely into the harbor?
(a) a freak wind saves it.
(b) the storm ceases.
(c) another galley comes to haul it.
(d) Blackthorne pilots it.

12. What lie does Blackthorne continue to tell?
(a) that the Erasmus is a British ship.
(b) that he comes from Argentina.
(c) that he is only a deckhand.
(d) that his fleet is coming.

13. What prevents Rodrigues from breaking the seal on the thing he is delivering to Toranaga?
(a) his fear of the priest.
(b) there is no way to reseal it.
(c) his religious ideals.
(d) Blackthorne is watching.

14. How does Yabu cover his attempt to get the ship's treasure and weaponry for himself?
(a) he lies that he had orders from Toranga.
(b) he lies that he was only inventorying the goods.
(c) he lies that he was doing it to keep them safe.
(d) he lies that his men acted on their own.

15. How do Blackthorne and his men determine which of them will be executed?
(a) selecting the oldest.
(b) selecting the youngest.
(c) drawing straws.
(d) arm wrestling.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Blackthorne's position before the wreck of the Erasmus?

2. Satisfied Blackthorne is not an enemy, what does Friar Dominga tell Blackthorne?

3. How did the book Blackthorne looks for happen to be on the Erasmus?

4. How does Blackthorne justify deceiving the friar?

5. How does Blackthorne realize he is not going to be executed?

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