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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Rodrigues during the storm?
(a) he has a religious experience.
(b) he misses his chance to kill Blackthorne.
(c) his safety line snaps and he is washed overboard.
(d) he becomes too ill to pilot the galley.

2. How does Blackthorne realize he is not going to be executed?
(a) they tell him in Portuguese.
(b) they give him a bath and new clothes.
(c) they take him out of the prison courtyard.
(d) they give him a musket.

3. What is Blackthorne's position before the wreck of the Erasmus?
(a) pilot-major of the trading ship Erasmus.
(b) translator for the British.
(c) captain of the Santa Theresa.
(d) navigator of the Omi.

4. Who does Blackthorne meet in prison?
(a) a Friar named Domingo.
(b) Father Sebastio.
(c) the grandson of Hiro-matsu.
(d) some of his old crewmen.

5. What does Blackthorne suspect about the daimyo, Kasigi Yabu, Lord of Izu?
(a) that he will carry out the wishes of Father Sabastio.
(b) that he is disinterested in Blackthorne.
(c) that he understands English.
(d) he does not fully trust Sabastio.

6. What order does Toda Hiro-matsu issue?
(a) that Yabu keeps Blackthorne in his house.
(b) that Yabu be executed.
(c) that Blackthorne be sent to Osaka alone.
(d) that Yabu return with Blackthorne to Osaka

7. What country does Blackthorne say he is not an enemy of?
(a) Holland.
(b) China.
(c) the Friar's home country, Spain
(d) Japan.

8. When Blackthorne wakes up and finds everyone swimming, what is Toranaga wanting to do?
(a) learn English.
(b) hurry on to land.
(c) learn how to dive.
(d) catch some fish.

9. Where does Blackthorne find himself once again?
(a) in front of Toranaga.
(b) on the Erasmus.
(c) in a cramped prison cell
(d) on Rodrigues's galley.

10. How does Toranaga leave the palace in Osaka?
(a) disguised as a woman.
(b) disguised as a gardener.
(c) disguised as a samurai.
(d) disguised as a priest.

11. What does Domingo teach Blackthorne?
(a) some words and phrases in Japanese.
(b) how to keep warm in the cell.
(c) how to plan an escape.
(d) some Biblical history.

12. What is Rodrigues carrying for Father Sebastio?
(a) a letter.
(b) a donation to Toranga.
(c) a crate of sake.
(d) a sealed package.

13. Who comes to take Blackthorne from the pit?
(a) Yabu himself.
(b) a young boy.
(c) a courtesan.
(d) a priest.

14. How is it planned to get Toranaga to his own territory and palace?
(a) by ship.
(b) by camel.
(c) by palanquin.
(d) by caravan.

15. How does Blackthorne divert attention from Toranaga in the palanquin?
(a) by pointing to the sky.
(b) by feigning a fit.
(c) by bowing low to Ishido.
(d) by doing a hornpipe dance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What praise does Rodrigues give the Japanese sailors?

2. Why is Blackthorne suddenly being treated well?

3. Satisfied Blackthorne is not an enemy, what does Friar Dominga tell Blackthorne?

4. What does Blackthorne want to do?

5. What sentence is pronounced on Blackthorne's men?

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