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The war trading ship piloted by John Blackthorne, as the story opens, this is the only remaining ship of five.


A small book that contains details of the observations of pilots who have sailed a particular area. Details include headlands, channels and magnetic compass courses between various ports.


The name of the province where Blackthorne and his crew land following the storm.


The name of the village where Blackthorne and his crew land following the storm.


Also known as hari-kari, this is the act of suicide committed by a warrior. Men disembowel themselves with their swords and women slash their own throats.

Crimson Sky

The code of Toranga's followers to commit to war.

Santa Teresa

The frigate under Rodrigues' command.


Where Kiri and the others are held as hostages against Toranga's appearance.


Where the Erasmus is destroyed.

The Lady

The name...

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