Shogun Fun Activities

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Hornpipe Dance

Students will demonstrate the hornpipe dance traditionally associated with sailors.

Watch Some Scenes from Shōgun, the Series.

View some DVD scenes from Shōgun to discuss the portrayals of Blackthorne, Mariko, Toranaga, and Ishido.

Plan a Menu

Using only vegetables and fish, plan a menu for Blackthorne's dinner.

Samurai Swords

If possible, bring real samurai swords to class. If not, collect photos of samurai swords to show in class.

Japanese Dress

Demonstrate traditional Japanese dress in class. If actual garments are unavailable, view scenes from TEA HOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON or other film set in Japan to view the garments.

A Model Ship

Look for a model of a 16th Century sailing ship like the Erasmus. In lieu of a model, bring copies of photos or drawings of such ships.

Japanese Rowing Galley

Using the DVD of Shōgun, view the scene of the...

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