Shogun Character Descriptions

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Lady Mariko Akechi

She was sent to a province far to the north for eight years where she studied Latin, Portuguese, and Catholic doctrine with the Jesuits though she remains first and foremost a Samurai and one of the most admired women in all Japan.

Father Martin Alvito

A Jesuit priest who has spent most of his life in Japan and understands Japanese culture. He has the highest respect for Japanese culture but still views the Japanese as inferior people who can never be ordained priests.


The Japanese name given to John Blackthorne.

John Blackthorne

An Englishman who received a complete education in sailing and war from Alban Cardoc. He left his family to become the greatest English pilot. Instead of realizing that dream, he becomes the Anjinsan, adviser on foreign trade and shipping to the Shogun Lord Toranaga.

Lord Buntaro

Mariko's husband, the son of Hiromatsu...

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