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Chapters One through Six

• The prologue sets up the situation of Blackthorne's ship going ashore in Japan where no Englishman has ever been before.

• Conflict is quickly presented in the Catholic-Protestant opposition and the disdain the Japanese have for all foreigners.

• Blackthorne receives special treatment as a person of high rank from the Erasmus.

• Mura, the headman of the village, Anjiro, is sure that Blackthorne will be executed.
• Blackthorne is questioned by the priest, Father Sabastio, who is one of the few who speaks English.

• Blackthorne doubts that the priest is translating accurately and observing that the priest is not really trusted, he takes his cross and demolishes it.

• The apparent disapproval of the Jesuit priest saves the lives of Blackthorne and his crew.

• Japanese family intrigues appear in the case of threats against the life of Yabu.
• Violence against the foreigners comes to a head when Blackthorne...

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