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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Ray and JD Salinger go first to investigate Moonlight Graham's career?
(a) The Baseball Hall of Fame.
(b) A baseball museum in New York City.
(c) Back to Fenway Park.
(d) Ray's home library.

2. While staying in a hotel in Minneapolis, what does JD Salinger suggest the three of them do?
(a) Go swimming.
(b) Go to a bar to watch a baseball game on TV.
(c) Go out for a walk.
(d) Break into a ballpark.

3. What is Eddie Scissons' claim to fame?
(a) That he was the last person to bat at the Polo Grounds.
(b) That he was the first designated hitter inducted into the Hall of Fame.
(c) That he used to play baseball with Shoeless Joe.
(d) That he is the oldest living Chicago Cub.

4. Who does Ray dream about while staying in a motel driving to Chisholm?
(a) Moonlight Graham.
(b) Shoeless Joe.
(c) Eddie Scissons.
(d) JD Salinger.

5. Where is Eddie Scissons buried?
(a) In the cemetery in Iowa City.
(b) In left field.
(c) Behind the dugouts.
(d) He is cremated.

6. How does Ray get through the locked door?
(a) He breaks the lock by kicking it.
(b) He climbs through a window.
(c) He picks the lock by hand.
(d) He climbs over the fence.

7. How long did Moonlight Graham play in the majors?
(a) One week.
(b) One season.
(c) One inning.
(d) Two months.

8. Who does the announcer say is the White Sox catcher?
(a) Babe Ruth.
(b) Johnny Bench.
(c) Johnny Kinsella.
(d) Yogi Berra.

9. Where do Ray and JD Salinger plan to stop on their way from Chisholm to Iowa?
(a) Nowhere, Annie asked them to come straight home.
(b) A Twins game.
(c) An unnamed minor leauge ball park.
(d) A White Sox Game.

10. Ray calls Annie from their brief stay at a motel. What does Annie tell Ray?
(a) That Karin lost her first tooth.
(b) That there hasn't been a baseball game since he left.
(c) That the corn is crowning.
(d) The Mark is trying to buy the farm.

11. What profession is the hitch hiker who Ray and JD Salinger pick up?
(a) A writer.
(b) A baseball player.
(c) A mechanic.
(d) A farmhand.

12. Where does Moonlight Graham go after the game he plays in for the White Sox on Ray's field is over?
(a) He sleeps on the field.
(b) Through the gate in center field.
(c) Back into Ray's farmhouse.
(d) Into town to stay the night.

13. Why does a banker call Eddie Scissons about Ray's mortgage payments?
(a) Ray was asking for a loan to build new bleachers for the field.
(b) Ray had gone bankrupt while on his road trip.
(c) Mark was trying to pressure Annie into selling the farm.
(d) Ray was asking for a loan for a tractor to mow the baseball field.

14. With what title does Moonlight Graham sign a questionnaire?
(a) Hall of Famer.
(b) Dr. Graham.
(c) Reverend.
(d) Moonlight.

15. After returning from their first expedition in Chisholm, Ray has another dream about Eddie. What figure is in the dream?
(a) A black butterfly.
(b) A scarlet bird.
(c) A black angel.
(d) A dark horse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What question is on the bottom of the form the Baseball Hall of Fame sends to every player who has ever played in the Major Leagues?

2. What kind of car does Ray drive?

3. For Doc Graham, what would have been a real tragedy?

4. Why is Annie nervous when Ray first comes home from his road trip with Salinger?

5. Ray leaves JD Salinger alone in the hotel room and goes for a walk. How does Ray come across Doc Graham?

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