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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long did Moonlight Graham play in the majors?
(a) Two months.
(b) One season.
(c) One week.
(d) One inning.

2. Having found out about the life of Dr. Graham, why can't JD Salinger return home to New Hampshire?
(a) Ray has kidnapped him and won't let him leave.
(b) He wants to see Ray's field for himself.
(c) He wants to move from New Hampshire to Iowa.
(d) He heard another message from the voice.

3. In a flashback, Ray remembers the first time he met Eddie Scissons. Where did he meet him?
(a) Chicago.
(b) Montana.
(c) Iowa City.
(d) St. Pauls.

4. Where does Moonlight Graham go after the game he plays in for the White Sox on Ray's field is over?
(a) He sleeps on the field.
(b) Into town to stay the night.
(c) Back into Ray's farmhouse.
(d) Through the gate in center field.

5. What object does Ray treat with reverence as he touches it?
(a) A baseball hit by Willie Mays.
(b) An original manuscript of Salinger's.
(c) Black Betty; Shoeless Joe's bat.
(d) A turnstile from the Polo Grounds.

6. Who saves Karin as she is choking on a hot dog bun?
(a) Shoeless Joe.
(b) Moonlight Graham.
(c) Gypsy.
(d) Ray.

7. What condition is the field in when Ray returns from his road trip?
(a) Perfect shape with freshly mowed grass.
(b) The field is gone, it has been replaced by corn.
(c) Good shape because Annie took care of it while he was gone.
(d) Ragged shape with dandelions and overgrown grass.

8. Who does Ray dream about while staying in a motel driving to Chisholm?
(a) JD Salinger.
(b) Eddie Scissons.
(c) Moonlight Graham.
(d) Shoeless Joe.

9. In what year did Moonlight Graham play in the majors?
(a) 1905.
(b) 1900.
(c) 1925.
(d) 1965.

10. What does Ray expect to find in the Iowa City library after Eddie's funeral?
(a) Eddie's will giving Ray full ownership of the farm.
(b) A cash deposit box with enough money to pay off the mortgage.
(c) Eddie's details in the Baseball Encyclopedia.
(d) Shoeless Joe's baseball card.

11. How does Ray get through the locked door?
(a) He breaks the lock by kicking it.
(b) He climbs over the fence.
(c) He climbs through a window.
(d) He picks the lock by hand.

12. Why does a banker call Eddie Scissons about Ray's mortgage payments?
(a) Ray had gone bankrupt while on his road trip.
(b) Mark was trying to pressure Annie into selling the farm.
(c) Ray was asking for a loan for a tractor to mow the baseball field.
(d) Ray was asking for a loan to build new bleachers for the field.

13. How did Ray keep the field a secret from Eddie Scissons for three years?
(a) Eddie did know about the field.
(b) Ray was never invited over since he built the field.
(c) By parking on the other side of the farmhouse.
(d) Annie would distract Eddie by flirting with him.

14. Where is Eddie Scissons buried?
(a) He is cremated.
(b) In the cemetery in Iowa City.
(c) Behind the dugouts.
(d) In left field.

15. What kind of car does Ray drive?
(a) A Chevrolet.
(b) A Toyota.
(c) A Dodge.
(d) A Datsun.

Short Answer Questions

1. For Doc Graham, what would have been a real tragedy?

2. What signals to Salinger, Scissons, and Ray that the baseball players have returned?

3. What is the name of the hitch-hiker Ray and JD Salinger pick up?

4. How did Moonlight Graham get that nickname?

5. In The Oldest Living Chicago Cub, why is Mark so desperate to buy Ray's farm?

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