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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What team did Moonlight Graham play for in the majors?
(a) San Francisco Giants.
(b) Minnesota Twins.
(c) New York Giants.
(d) New York Yankees.

2. What position did Moonlight Graham play in the major league?
(a) First Base.
(b) Right Field.
(c) Catcher.
(d) Left Field.

3. In "The Oldest Living Chicago Cub", what did Eddie sell to Mark?
(a) Shoeless Joe's cleats.
(b) Ray's mortgage.
(c) A tractor.
(d) An autographed baseball.

4. Who saves Karin as she is choking on a hot dog bun?
(a) Ray.
(b) Moonlight Graham.
(c) Shoeless Joe.
(d) Gypsy.

5. Where do Ray and JD Salinger plan to stop on their way from Chisholm to Iowa?
(a) A Twins game.
(b) Nowhere, Annie asked them to come straight home.
(c) A White Sox Game.
(d) An unnamed minor leauge ball park.

6. In what year did Moonlight Graham play in the majors?
(a) 1905.
(b) 1965.
(c) 1925.
(d) 1900.

7. After seeing the baseball game for the first time, what does Salinger offer Ray?
(a) To bring Richard back to the farm.
(b) To write a novel about Ray's field.
(c) To help bring the mortgage up to date.
(d) To help finish buidling the outfield wall.

8. What card game are Salinger, Scisssons and Graham playing when the players return?
(a) Go Fish.
(b) Hearts.
(c) Blackjack.
(d) Poker.

9. What was Doc Graham's wife's name?
(a) Kristy.
(b) Bea.
(c) Abigail.
(d) Alice.

10. While staying in a hotel in Minneapolis, what does JD Salinger suggest the three of them do?
(a) Go out for a walk.
(b) Go swimming.
(c) Go to a bar to watch a baseball game on TV.
(d) Break into a ballpark.

11. After returning from their first expedition in Chisholm, Ray has another dream about Eddie. What figure is in the dream?
(a) A black butterfly.
(b) A scarlet bird.
(c) A dark horse.
(d) A black angel.

12. Why is Shoeless Joe Jackson confused to see Moonlight Graham in the stands?
(a) Shoeless Joe has no idea who Graham is.
(b) Graham should be playing in the game.
(c) Graham is Shoeless Joe's cousin.
(d) Shoeless Joe only knew Graham as an older Doctor.

13. Where does Moonlight Graham go after the game he plays in for the White Sox on Ray's field is over?
(a) He sleeps on the field.
(b) Into town to stay the night.
(c) Back into Ray's farmhouse.
(d) Through the gate in center field.

14. What is the relationship between Ray, Richard and the catcher for the White Sox?
(a) The cather is Richard and Ray's college roommate.
(b) The catcher is Richard and Ray's brother.
(c) The catcher is Richard and Ray's cousin.
(d) The catcher is Richard and Ray's father.

15. Where is Eddie Scissons buried?
(a) In the cemetery in Iowa City.
(b) Behind the dugouts.
(c) In left field.
(d) He is cremated.

Short Answer Questions

1. What business office do Ray and JD Salinger first visit to investigate Moonlight Graham?

2. What is the title of the article about Dr. Graham?

3. How many times did Moonlight Graham come to bat in the majors?

4. Having found out about the life of Dr. Graham, why can't JD Salinger return home to New Hampshire?

5. After Ray returns from his road trip with Salinger, why is Richard in town?

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