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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Life and Times of Moonlight Graham.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Ray and Salinger travel towards Boston, why does a policeman pull Ray over?
(a) Ray was speeding to make it to the game on time.
(b) Near a blasting zone, a policeman notices that Ray has a broken tail light.
(c) Salinger had put Ray's hazard lights on to alert the police.
(d) Ray was swerving between lanes because he was so nervous.

2. What does Shoeless Joe watch for during a game?
(a) The sign from the catcher.
(b) The batter's feet.
(c) The pitcher's arm.
(d) The angle of the batter's bat.

3. What is the voice's second message?
(a) "Ease his pain."
(b) "Finish the field."
(c) "Find the book."
(d) "Go the distance."

4. What happens after the seventh inning stretch in "They Tore Down the Polo Grounds in 1964"?
(a) There is a fight between the two teams.
(b) JD Salinger sneaks out of the stadium without Ray.
(c) The game is rained out.
(d) Ray sees an entry for a baseball player on the stadium scoreboard.

5. At the end if of the first game, Shoeless Joe mentions "the others." Who is he referring to?
(a) Other All-Star players.
(b) Other players from Iowa.
(c) Other players banned from baseball.
(d) Other Hall of Fame players.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does it take Ray to achieve the right turf?

2. How does Ray describe the crowd at Fenway?

3. With what title does Moonlight Graham sign a questionnaire?

4. Where do Ray and JD Salinger go first to investigate Moonlight Graham's career?

5. What does Ray offer Salinger to pursued him to come to the baseball game with him?

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