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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Life and Times of Moonlight Graham.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Shoeless Joe talks about playing in the major leagues, Ray remembers falling in love with the land of Iowa. What is his memory of?
(a) Planting corn for the first time.
(b) Eating a meal with food he grew himself.
(c) Planting a garden for Annie.
(d) His first harvest.

2. What sound startles Ray as he watches the first game on the field?
(a) A scream of a wild animal.
(b) A screen door slamming shut.
(c) The crack of a bat as he was busy watching Shoeless Joe.
(d) The ball ricocheting against the outfield wall.

3. Where did Moonlight Graham grow up?
(a) Minnesota.
(b) Iowa.
(c) San Francisco.
(d) North Carolina.

4. While playing baseball, Eddie was on a team that did what?
(a) Pitched back to back perfect games.
(b) Hit five homeruns in a row.
(c) Turned a triple play.
(d) Won the world series.

5. Who first notices Shoeless Joe when he appears on the field?
(a) Ray.
(b) Karin.
(c) Annie.
(d) Ray's dog.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many times did Moonlight Graham come to bat in the majors?

2. After returning from the war, which team does Ray's father quickly learn to love?

3. Ray calls Annie from their brief stay at a motel. What does Annie tell Ray?

4. What profession is the hitch hiker who Ray and JD Salinger pick up?

5. What happens while Ray is having dinner at a Greek diner?

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