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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Hanae, the attic is full of:
(a) Cobwebs and mice.
(b) One thousand worthless things saved for Yuki.
(c) Her off-season clothing.
(d) Evil spirits.

2. Which of the following events takes place at the end of Chapter 1?
(a) She confronts her husband about his infidelity.
(b) Shizuko takes her own life by turning the gas oven on and inhaling the fumes.
(c) She completes her cleaning projects.
(d) She takes Yuki to the doctor to have her knee stitched.

3. According to Yuki, what does Hideki think about clothes and makeup?
(a) He cannot stand the sight of a woman in makeup.
(b) He thinks women look bad without makeup.
(c) He does not care that much about clothes and makeup.
(d) He used to tell Shizuko to wear more makeup and nicer clothes.

4. With the exception of Yuki's father and new wife, what do adults say to Yuki when she does something deserving of praise?
(a) You are so much like your mother.
(b) Your mother would have been proud.
(c) You are your mother's daughter.
(d) Your mother always said you had potential.

5. What kind of a student is Yuki?
(a) She is strong in most subjects except for art.
(b) She is easily the brightest in her class.
(c) She is more of an athlete than a scholar.
(d) She struggles to keep up with her lessons.

6. What daily ritual does Hanae perform?
(a) She does yoga on the porch.
(b) She runs in the park.
(c) She crashes the car into the mailbox.
(d) She cleans the house.

7. Why does Masa feel she is responsible for another character's fall in Chapter 7?
(a) She was angry at him about his diary entry, almost as though her resentment had tripped him.
(b) She had placed the bucket of strawberries right were someone could trip on it.
(c) She had shouted for him to come back inside in a hurry.
(d) She had turned off the light, making it difficult for him to see.

8. Which character is introduced in Chapter 5?
(a) Hideki.
(b) Yuki.
(c) Sachiko.
(d) Shizuko.

9. Why does Sachiko decide she does not want to call the boy on the train?
(a) She already has a boyfriend.
(b) She would not call a boy she does not know.
(c) She thinks her mother would disapprove.
(d) She thinks he is dangerous.

10. How has Yuki spent her summer Sundays?
(a) Shopping with her stepmother.
(b) Running with Sachiko.
(c) Watching movies.
(d) Competing in chess championships.

11. Why does Yuki feel queasy on the day of the wedding?
(a) She is queasy from the sake.
(b) She is queasy from the boat ride from Tokyo.
(c) She is queasy from the smell of her mother's perfume.
(d) She is queasy from the train ride from Tokyo.

12. Select the character who said, "If something happened to you, I would still go on."
(a) Aya.
(b) Shizuko.
(c) Hideki.
(d) Yuki.

13. Which character is introduced at the beginning of Chapter 3?
(a) Yuki's grandmother Masa.
(b) Yuki's father, Hideki.
(c) Hideki's bride.
(d) Yuki's Aunt Aya.

14. Where is the novel set in Chapter 1?
(a) Hokkaido.
(b) Kobe.
(c) Osaka.
(d) Tokyo.

15. Select the character below who says, "You won't even let me rest."
(a) Yuki's stepmother.
(b) Shizuko.
(c) Hideki.
(d) Sachiko.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of clothes did Shizuko make for Yuki before she died?

2. In Chapter 4, which room in the house has not changed since Yuki's stepmother moved in?

3. In Chapter 1, why is Yuki going to be late for dinner?

4. What is the only thing in the kitchen that has not been changed by Yuki's stepmother after she moves into the house?

5. Why do Yuki and Aunt Aya go to Kobe at the beginning of Chapter 3?

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