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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Yuki in Chapter 1?
(a) Seventeen.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Six.
(d) Twenty.

2. How does Hideki behave toward Yuki following Shizuko's death?
(a) Hideki shouts at Yuki every time he sees her.
(b) Hideki smothers Yuki with attention.
(c) Hideki showers Yuki with gifts.
(d) Hideki hardly speaks to Yuki.

3. Who comes to watch Yuki run at her junior high track meets?
(a) Her Aunt Aya.
(b) Nobody from her family ever comes to the meets.
(c) Her father Hideki.
(d) Her entire family, including her grandmother, Aunt Aya, her father Hideki, and her stepmother.

4. According to Hanae, whenever she goes into the attic, she thinks of:
(a) The eight long years she had spent seeing Hideki in secret.
(b) What a great childhood Yuki must have had.
(c) The fact that this house is way too small for all of her belongings.
(d) The guilt she feels for being so cruel to Yuki.

5. How does it make Hanae feel when she receives compliments from others about Yuki?
(a) She does not believe that they are being honest.
(b) She is as happy as if Yuki were her own child.
(c) She is relieved that they are not complaining about the girl.
(d) She is sick of not being able to contradict them.

6. Why does Sachiko decide she does not want to call the boy on the train?
(a) She thinks he is dangerous.
(b) She already has a boyfriend.
(c) She thinks her mother would disapprove.
(d) She would not call a boy she does not know.

7. Who writes Yuki a letter in Chapter 4?
(a) Miss Uozumi.
(b) Aya.
(c) Shizuko.
(d) Hideki.

8. What causes Shizuko to wake up from her nap in Chapter 1?
(a) The telephone rings.
(b) She smells gas.
(c) She hears crashing thunder.
(d) Cherry blossom petals fall on her.

9. Why does Yuki apologize to Masa in Chapter 7?
(a) She has forgotten how to pray.
(b) She has been mean to her grandparents.
(c) She has broken the glass window screen.
(d) She has eaten all of the strawberries.

10. What are some of the things that Yuki does that are deserving of praise?
(a) Wins piano competitions and chess championships.
(b) Wins track meets and serves as class president.
(c) Cleans the house and tends the garden.
(d) Wins spelling bees and serves as class treasurer.

11. Select the character below who says, "You won't even let me rest."
(a) Sachiko.
(b) Hideki.
(c) Shizuko.
(d) Yuki's stepmother.

12. In Shizuko's dream at the beginning of Chapter 1, who is throwing rice cakes to a crowd?
(a) The village carpenter.
(b) Shizuko.
(c) The piano teacher.
(d) Yuki.

13. What special object does Yuki carry with her to the wedding?
(a) A white bead purse that her mother made for her.
(b) A lucky penny.
(c) A pearl from her mother's hair comb.
(d) A candle.

14. Why does her Aunt Aya ask Yuki to change her clothes before the wake?
(a) Aya thinks that Yuki's dress is not dark enough.
(b) Aya thinks that Yuki's dress is too tight.
(c) Aya thinks that Yuki's dress is too short.
(d) Aya thinks that Shizuko would not have approved of Yuki's dress.

15. Select the character below who says, "I don't care. I can take care of myself. I'm not afraid of anything."
(a) Shizuko.
(b) Hideki.
(c) Yuki.
(d) Aya.

Short Answer Questions

1. How has Yuki spent her summer Sundays?

2. Which character is introduced in Chapter 5?

3. What kind of clothes did Shizuko make for Yuki before she died?

4. Where does the wedding of Hideki and his new bride take place?

5. According to Yuki, what does Hideki think about clothes and makeup?

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