Shizuko's Daughter Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What kind of relationship does Shizuko have with her daughter Yuki?

Shizuko has a loving relationship with her daughter Yuki. It is clear that the two are close by the way that they communicate during their telephone call in Chapter 1. Yuki is sensitive to the tiredness in her mother's voice and expresses her concern for Shizuko, asking whether she is all right and offering to come home right away and fix supper for her. Shizuko's love for Yuki is a motivating factor behind her desire to end her own life. She feels that by sacrificing her life, she will spare her daughter a life of unhappiness.

2. What does Shizuko wish that she had done differently on the day she decides to take her life?

On the day that Shizuko has decided to take her own life, she regrets that she spent the day doing aimless tasks like straightening the house and napping, and wishes that she had instead set aside more time to finish sewing Yuki's new skirt, organize her personal belongings, and write goodbye notes.

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