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Objective: Chapter 1 - House Bound (March 1969) The novel begins with a powerful first chapter in which Shizuko, Yuki's mother, commits suicide. Few, but compelling facts, are revealed about her character, most importantly that she has daughter whom she adores, and yet by whom she is motivated to end her own life. Shizuko is convinced that killing herself is for the best, as she will spare Yuki from her unhappiness and a life of the same. This lesson will focus on the subject of suicide in Shizuko's Daughter.

1) Small Group Discussion: Divide students into groups of four or five, and ask them to discuss whether Shizuko's decision to take her own life is an act of despair, love, defiance, depression, and/or whether it is rooted in other emotions. Is Shizuko a victim? Why or why not?

2) Group Discussion: What are the reasons behind Shizuko's decision to commit...

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