Shizuko's Daughter Character Descriptions

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Aunt Aya - This character cares for a child for a year following the death of the girl's mother.

Mr. Kimura - This character chooses to remarry after losing a wife to divorce and a good friend to death.

Masa - This character is a traditional Japanese person who says that it is unfair for a daughter to die before her parents.

Mrs. Murai - This character smokes cigarettes and is the parent of a friend of the novel's protagonist.

Sachiko Murai - This character teases a friend for being so innocent about the opposite sex.

Isamu Nagano - This character likes to take photographs and thinks often of the girl that he loves.

Hanae Okuda - This character carried on a long affair with a married person and cares a lot about what the neighbors think.

Hideki Okuda - This character rarely shows emotions and...

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