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Chapter 1 – House Bound (March 1969)

• While napping, Shizuko dreams that she is in her childhood village taking part in a traditional celebration.

• The setting of Shizuko's dream changes, and her daughter Yuki is chasing tree petals in a park.

• Shizuko receives a phone call from Yuki, who says that that her piano lesson will be delayed.

• Yuki offers to come home early and make her mother supper; Shizuko insists that she stays for her lesson.

• Shizuko regrets that she wasted the day on aimless tasks when she could have organized her belongings.

• Shizuko writes two goodbye letters: one for her husband Hideki and one for Yuki.

• Shizuko turns on the gas stove and grows dizzy from the fumes.

• Regretful that she wished Hideki happiness in the note, Shizuko rips it up before losing consciousness.

Chapter 2 – The Wake (March 1969)

• It is the day after Shizuko's suicide, and preparations for her...

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