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Maggie Stiefvater
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Grace think Shelby is alive?
(a) She hears a strange panting sound outside her window.
(b) She sees a female wolf lurking near the edge of the woods.
(c) She just intuitively believes it to be true.
(d) The wolf body on the porch is gone.

2. What does Sam say will happen to Beck?
(a) Beck will go to hell for what Beck did.
(b) Beck will be hailed as the savior of the pack.
(c) Beck will be killed by one of his recruits.
(d) Beck will die an unnatural death.

3. What does Grace balance in her mind before responding to Isabel's request for information?
(a) What Jack would want his sister to know or not know.
(b) The safety of the pack versus Isabel's right to know.
(c) What Sam would suggest Grace say.
(d) Jack's life versus Isabel's protection.

4. What did Sam do when he was shot?
(a) Take care of his wound in his wolf form.
(b) Bite the shooter.
(c) Turn human.
(d) Sam nor Grace know what he did.

5. What does Ulrick say of Sam?
(a) That Sam is never going to be of any value to the pack.
(b) That Sam is the only one who is absolutely with honor among them.
(c) That his getting an education is going to his head.
(d) That Sam is too much of a realist to believe a lie.

6. What does Rachel later say about Sam to Grace?
(a) Sam is a nerd.
(b) Sam is not very masculine.
(c) Sam is super cute.
(d) Sam is so gentle.

7. What does Sam think about that happened three years earlier?
(a) When Beck first teaches Sam.
(b) When his sister was killed by a werewolf.
(c) When the pack had been humans at the first warmth of Spring.
(d) When he agreed to become a werewolf when he was mad at his parents.

8. Why does Shelby want to be Sam's mate?
(a) So she will be the alpha female.
(b) Because she thinks Sam will be easily manipulated.
(c) So she can make some changes in how the pack works.
(d) Because she has been in love with Sam even before they were werewolves.

9. Why does Sam remain in the Bronco while Grace goes in her house?
(a) She has to clear the house to get Sam in unseen.
(b) She has to tell her sister about her predicament.
(c) She has to tell her brother about her predicament.
(d) She has to get her room really warm so Sam does not change.

10. Why does Sam get angry with Shelby?
(a) He thinks Shelby is too hard on new werewolves.
(b) He thinks Shelby is dangerous to the other female werewolves.
(c) He has never been interested in Shelby romantically.
(d) He is in human form and does not want to talk about being a wolf.

11. What does Sam know he has to tell Grace about changing?
(a) He won't turn human again once he changes for the year.
(b) He is violent just before changing.
(c) After about five years of changing back and forth, one can no longer become a wolf.
(d) He is only going to be able to change a couple more times that winter.

12. About what does a teacher warn the students?
(a) Cases of meningitis in the area.
(b) Rabies reported in the area.
(c) Mid-terms are the next week.
(d) Portfolios are due the next week.

13. What does Grace wonder about as he goes up to Mrs. Brisbane's studio?
(a) Why Sam changed and she didn't.
(b) If Sam would want her if she were a werewolf.
(c) If Sam is sorry for being made a werewolf.
(d) If Sam has found a way to not stay a wolf once he changes next year.

14. What does Isabel Culpepper say to Grace in class?
(a) Isabel is afraid of Jack.
(b) Isabel knows all about Sam.
(c) Isabel is going to allow herself to be changed into a werewolf to help Jack.
(d) Isabel needs to talk to Grace.

15. For what does Grace say she is not ready?
(a) This being Sam's last year of being human.
(b) To become fully werewolf herself.
(c) To tell her parents the truth about the wolves.
(d) To leave the town.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sam ask Mrs. Brisbane?

2. Who is one non-wolf that knows about the pack?

3. Where does Sam want to take Grace?

4. What does Shelby tell Beck he has to convince Sam to believe?

5. What does Jack tell Isabel about Grace?

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