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Maggie Stiefvater
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose dogs did Sam fear?
(a) Mr. Brisbane.
(b) Beck.
(c) Mr. Dario.
(d) The sheriff.

2. Why does Sam get angry with Shelby?
(a) He is in human form and does not want to talk about being a wolf.
(b) He thinks Shelby is too hard on new werewolves.
(c) He thinks Shelby is dangerous to the other female werewolves.
(d) He has never been interested in Shelby romantically.

3. Where had Sam been when he is attacked by werewolves?
(a) In a vacant lot bouncing the basketball.
(b) Waiting for the school bus.
(c) In his back yard.
(d) Walking in the woods.

4. When does Sam play the guitar?
(a) As Mrs. Brisbane is painting Sam.
(b) To play Mr. Brisbane a tune he wanted to hear.
(c) He is unable to play the guitar.
(d) When Grace is sleeping.

5. What does Grace's mother ask Grace not to do?
(a) Transfer to a large university away from home.
(b) Leave the garbage on the deck.
(c) Have young men in to her bedroom.
(d) Ignore her father when he is home.

6. What does Isabel Culpepper say to Grace in class?
(a) Isabel is afraid of Jack.
(b) Isabel needs to talk to Grace.
(c) Isabel is going to allow herself to be changed into a werewolf to help Jack.
(d) Isabel knows all about Sam.

7. Who died of breast cancer?
(a) Jack's grandmother.
(b) Grace's aunt.
(c) Beck's wife.
(d) Sam's mother.

8. What does Mrs. Brisbane ask of Sam?
(a) To keep her daughter safe.
(b) To let her know if Grace is in trouble.
(c) To paint him.
(d) To cherish her daughter.

9. About what does Mrs. Brisbane warn Grace?
(a) Grace must stop thinking of the wolves as friendly.
(b) Grace must stop feeding the wolves in the woods.
(c) Sam might suffer long-term effects from abuse.
(d) Sam has something odd about him.

10. Who does Shelby only allow near her at first when she becomes a werewolf?
(a) Paul.
(b) Sam.
(c) Beck.
(d) Jack.

11. Who are cooking together at Grace's house?
(a) Sam, Grace and Isabel.
(b) Grace, Olivia and Rachel.
(c) Grace and Isabel.
(d) Grace, Olivia and Isabel.

12. What does Sam expect to find at Beck's box at the Post Office?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Beck to be there.
(c) Piles of mail.
(d) Only a letter from Beck.

13. What does Ulrick say of Sam?
(a) That Sam is the only one who is absolutely with honor among them.
(b) That his getting an education is going to his head.
(c) That Sam is never going to be of any value to the pack.
(d) That Sam is too much of a realist to believe a lie.

14. Why does Isabel say when Grace asks why Grace should trust her?
(a) Because Isable has never done anything to lose Grace's trust.
(b) Because Isabel just wants Jack returned to normal.
(c) Because Isabel is frightened.
(d) Because Isabel thinks Sam has the same problem as Jack.

15. What does Sam hear Grace screaming?
(a) That Sam is bleeding badly.
(b) That her father just killed a human.
(c) That he must be moved someplace warmer.
(d) That her mother is injured.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Beck tell Sam he can end doing?

2. What does Sam realize about Shelby?

3. What does Shelby say is obvious Sam will do?

4. Who do Grace and Sam encounter outside the Crooked Shelf?

5. Why do Grace and Sam get shots?

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