Shiver Character Descriptions

Maggie Stiefvater
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Grace Brisbane

She is headed into her senior year of high school when she first meets Sam in his form as a human.

Sam Roth

He is a werewolf who spends a great deal of his winters in wolf form, living near Grace's house.

Jack Culpepper

His family is very wealthy, and he's spoiled and mean.

Isabel Culpepper

She learns that Jack has been bitten by a werewolf and comes to believe that infecting Jack and the others with meningitis while they are in their human forms will cure them of being werewolves.

Olivia Marx

She is an avid photographer and takes many pictures of the wolves in the woods.


He is a former lawyer and is the one who changes Sam.


She is incredibly interested in Sam.


She doesn't understand Grace's infatuation with the wolves. She is outgoing and teases Sam.

Officer Koenig


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