Shiver Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Maggie Stiefvater
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Chapters 1 through 14

• Grace remembers the day she was attacked by wolves. She didn't scream, and caught the eye of one of them and held it.

• Sam remembers seeing the pack drag Grace off. He did nothing at first but then he rescues her.

• Grace sees Sam as a wolf after that, always in the winter for the next six years. The wolf never comes close. She doesn't know it is Sam yet.

• Sam wants to talk to Grace while he is in human form. He knows she will recognize his eyes. He can't do it. She leaves the store.

• Grace realizes after Jack Culpepper is killed by the wolves that they are werewolves. The got him in Boundary Wood, which starts at the back of Grace's house.
• Grace hates the summer because the wolves aren't around. Rachel, Grace's friend, calls and suggests she, Olivia and Grace leave Mercy...

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