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Short Answer Questions

1. What is a group of people waiting to do?

2. What color shirt does the political agitator wear?

3. David Scott and Jenny Brown are _______________.

4. The Spanish passengers consist of an eight-person ______________________.

5. What is the state of the health of Herr Wilibald Graf?

Short Essay Questions

1. What inappropriate behavior of the Spanish dancers has upset so many shopkeepers?

2. What odd behavior does Mrs. Treadwell exhibit in her room after the party?

3. What does Captain Thiele say to indicate his true feelings about the Jews.

4. What changes the mood of the passengers when they return to the ship in Havana, Cuba?

5. What is the first display of anti-Semitic behavior aboard ship?

6. What topics does the author explore?

7. What is the mood of the departing travelers?

8. Where does the ship dock as this chapter begins?

9. Why has the time ashore made Frau Rittersdorf particularly melancholy?

10. What is the situation with the Lutz family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author uses the characters of Ric and Rac as symbols of enacting the minor terrors the adults wish they could affect on others. Explain why the twins' behavior is a conduit of what the adults want to do? Why does the author use the twins for this vehicle?

Essay Topic 2

The author writes about Herr Hutten in this way: "Her husband sat like something molded in sand, his expression that of a strong innocent man gazing into a pit of cobras." What literary technique is used in this example? What is the author trying to say about Herr Hutten?

Essay Topic 3

The author writes about Dr. Schumann in this way: "...the island he would never see again, had not in fact seen at all, except as a steep road from the dock with a small white carriage climbing away slowly taking with it all the vanities and illusions of his life." What literary technique is used in this example? What is the author trying to say about Dr. Schumann?

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