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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Amparo hold back a little bit of her prostitution money from Pepe?
(a) To fund her dreams of becoming a performer
(b) To make the trip to America
(c) To put her little sister through college
(d) To buy a new wardrobe

2. Who flirts outrageously with Dr. Schumann?
(a) Elsa
(b) Jenny
(c) La Condesa
(d) Frau Lutz

3. Why is Elsa in an especially foul mood tonight?
(a) A Cuban student she likes is dancing with a Spanish dancer
(b) Her shoes are too tight
(c) She does not like her new hair style
(d) She spilled tomato sauce on her dress at dinner

4. Of what does Herr Graf remind Johann about this trip?
(a) It will be a good part of his education
(b) He will inherit Graf's entire estate for accompanying him
(c) He must get over his fear of sea travel
(d) He may meet some girls he likes

5. What does Dr. Schumann rescue from one of Ric and Rac's pranks?
(a) A Bible
(b) A cat
(c) A case of champagne
(d) A deck chair

Short Answer Questions

1. Jenny prefers to see France while David wants to go to ______________.

2. What will be Elsa's job when she returns to Switzerland?

3. What are the dancers selling?

4. Why is Wilhelm Freytag anxious to get his wife and mother-in-law out of Germany?

5. What health condition does Dr. Schumann struggle with?

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