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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are the two Mexican Catholic priests traveling to Spain?
(a) Father Garza and Father Castillo
(b) Father Garza and Father Carillo
(c) Father Gonzales and Father Carillo
(d) Father Garbanzo and Father Carillo

2. What is the profession of Herr Karl Baumgartner?
(a) Tennis pro
(b) Attorney
(c) Physician
(d) Accountant

3. Who is the author of this novel?
(a) William Faulkner
(b) Ernest Hemingway
(c) Harper Lee
(d) Katherine Porter

4. Where are the Spanish people headed?
(a) Spain
(b) Cuba
(c) France
(d) Germany

5. What does Herr Julius Lowenthal sell?
(a) Cars
(b) Jewelry
(c) Religious artifacts
(d) Clothing

6. In what month of the year does the story take place?
(a) August
(b) June
(c) January
(d) November

7. What are the names of the six-year-old twins on board the ship?
(a) Ricci and Raccone
(b) Ric and Rac
(c) Rick and Rack
(d) Frick and Frack

8. To where is La Condesa headed?
(a) Telluride
(b) Trenton
(c) Tenerife
(d) Tel Aviv

9. What color shirt does the political agitator wear?
(a) Green
(b) Orange
(c) Red
(d) White

10. What is the name of the Baumgartners' eight-year-old son?
(a) Klaus
(b) Howard
(c) Hans
(d) Harry

11. Where are the characters coming from?
(a) Paraguay
(b) Brazil
(c) Mexico
(d) Spain

12. David Scott and Jenny Brown are _______________.
(a) Colleagues
(b) Cousins
(c) Brother and sister
(d) Lovers

13. For what German city is the ship bound?
(a) Bremerhaven
(b) Frankfurt
(c) Bonn
(d) Berlin

14. Where does the ship dock on the third day of sailing?
(a) Nassau, Bahamas
(b) Miami, Florida
(c) Sand Diego, California
(d) Havana, Cuba

15. What type of discrimination is at the forefront of this book?
(a) Age
(b) Racial
(c) Gender
(d) Religious

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a group of people waiting to do?

2. The local people view the travelers with ____________________.

3. Why do some of the ship's passengers want to talk to the captain about these Spanish people?

4. In what year does the story take place?

5. What is the name of the Swedish man on board the ship?

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