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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 17 and 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How effective is the Italian army's return shot to the Sutherland?
(a) Only effective against the second group of crew.
(b) They don't fire return shot.
(c) Barely effective.
(d) Very effective.

2. How does Hornblower describe his transition from land to sea in Chapter 5?
(a) It was easy.
(b) It was ridiculous.
(c) It was difficult.
(d) It was humorous.

3. How does Hornblower describe the lower decks of the Sutherland?
(a) Dark.
(b) Worrisome.
(c) Immoral.
(d) Dirty.

4. How does Hornblower meet Lady Barbara Leighton?
(a) He saves her dog.
(b) He works for her husband.
(c) She is friends with his wife.
(d) He gives her a ride home.

5. What does Hornblower most appreciate about the Sutherland?
(a) Its length.
(b) Its crew.
(c) Its large stern-galley.
(d) Its history.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who built the Sutherland?

2. In Chapter 5, what type of crew member does Hornblower want the most of?

3. How many men total does Hornblower desire on his ship in Chapter 5?

4. What is the terrain like behind the road the Italian army is marching on in Chapter 14?

5. In Chapter 6, why is Hornblower in a foul mood?

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