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HMS Sutherland

This is a Dutch ship that has been remodeled and rearmed per English sentiment.

Leighton's Squadron

This is composed of the flagship Pluto, Caligula, and Sutherland.

Account of the Present War in Spain, Gibbon's Decline and Fa

This is part of a favorite historical book owned by Hornblower.

Walmer Castle, Lord Mornington, Europe, and other Indiamen

These are part of Hornblower's first assignment while under Leighton's command.


These are the chief cause of injury and death among the ship's crew.

The Weather Gauge

This describes the favorable positioning of a sailing vessel relative to another with respect to the wind.

The French Brig Amelie

This carries general stores including 25 tons of powder, 125 tons of ship's biscuit, beef and pork in casks and brandy.

Llanza, Spain and Port Vendres, France

These are sites of aggressive and successful military action undertaken by Hornblower.

Protected Canal between Etang de Thau and Aigues Mortes

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