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Essay Topic 1

"Ship of the Line" is considered to be historical fiction. What is historical fiction, and how does this novel meet the requirements of the genre?

Essay Topic 2

Consider Hornblower's fame, successes and failures throughout this novel. What defines each part of his career? How do they work together? How do they work against each other?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the relationship between Leighton and Hornblower. How does each character have power over the other? How do they relate in their personal lives? How do they relate in their work lives? What makes this relationship complex?

Essay Topic 4

Compare and contrast two scenes of military action. Consider who is in charge, the orders, the action itself, and the final effects.

Essay Topic 5

Examine the symbolism of flags throughout this novel. What do they represent? How are they used?

Essay Topic 6

Describe how the narrator delivers the plot of...

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