Ship Fever Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. In what year was Antonia born?


2. Who was the only relative Antonia grew up with?

Her grandfather.

3. Where did Tati work when Antonia was a child?

At a nursery.

4. What is Tati's real name?


5. What is Antoina's last name?


6. In what country were Antonia's parents born?


7. In what year did Antoina's family immigrate to America?


8. What did Tati's supervisor attempt to do when Antonia was visiting Tati at work as a child?

Molest her.

9. Where did Tati stab Antonia's attacker?

In the hand.

10. What instrument did Tati use as his attack weapon?

A pruning knife.

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