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Mendel's Draft Letter to Nägeli

In "The Behavior of the Hawkweeds", this is Richard's most prized possession.

The Apostles of Linnaeus

This is a group of students who carried out various biological expeditions throughout the world in the story "The English Pupil".

Littoral Zone appears in The Littoral Zone

This is commonly interpreted as that near-water zone between the high-water mark, through the typical shoreline, and down to that region of the sea that is permanently submerged.

Swallows appears in Rare Bird

This is a group of birds adapted to aerial feeding and often live near waterways.

Soroche appears in Soroche

This is also known as altitude sickness.

Paradisaea apoda appears in Birds With No Feet

This is a magnificent bird of paradise species with remarkable plumage that is highly valued even on today's markets.

Spinning Water

This allows The Marburg Sisters to hold a type of...

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