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This character is the protagonist in "The Behavior of the Hawkweeds" is a third-generation immigrant who was almost sexually molested as a child; and who later marries a scientist and attempts to sleep with his graduate student.

Carl Linnaeus appears in The English Pupil

This character is a Swedish botanist and taxonomist who founded the modern discipline of binomial nomenclature who later becomes crippled and addled due to a series of debilitating strokes.

Jonathan and Ruby appear in The Littoral Zone

These characters started an extramarital affair while conducting research on a New Hampshire island, and eventually married.

Sarah Anne Billopp appears in Rare Bird

This character is well educated and wealthy, but is not taken seriously in academic circles, so this character sets out to prove that swallows do not overwinter underwater, but migrate to the south.

Zaga appears in Soroche

This character was born very...

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