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The Behavior of the Hawkweeds

• Antonia, the protagonist of the story, grows up in an immigrant household in America with her father, Tati. Throughout Antonia's childhood, Tati works at a nursery, grafting plant specimens.

• When a German supervisor attempts to sexually molest Antonia, Tati stabs him in the hand. The man falls backward, hits his head, and eventually dies. Tati is mortified and dies in his bed before the case can go to trial.

• Time passes, and Antonia meets a biology professor whom she starts a relationship with. This professor, Richard, is fascinated by the work of real-life scientist Mendel, and Antonia gifts him with a letter from Mendel that was given to Tati before Antonia was born.

• In the 1970s, social upheaval shakes the science department. Antonia falls into a deep depression when her children move out. She attempts to have a sexual relationship with one of...

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