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Short Answer Questions

1. How do Rose and Bianca spend the rest of the night?

2. Where does the second scene of "Rare Bird" open?

3. What prevents Alec from giving up his taxidermy hobby?

4. What is Rose doing now?

5. Where are Wallace's specimens placed when Wallace arrives in England?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Wallace like when Alec first meets him?

2. How do Rose and Bianca communicate with their mother?

3. What happens when Alec returns to America with his Birds of Paradise?

4. What is the only case where Alec precedes Wallace?

5. Why do Wallace and Alec not travel together in the Malay Archipelago?

6. Why can Alec not believe that there is a fire on the ship?

7. What does Zaga find in Joel's closet?

8. What happens when Rose and Bianca return to Hammondsport for the funeral?

9. What does Alec Carriere have in the hold when "Birds with No Feet" begins?

10. What does Rose do now?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Speculation into scientific laws plays an important part in many stories, but so does memory. What part does memory play in three stories? Cite specific examples from the text. What is recalled, and how do the things characters remember affect the stories?

Essay Topic 2

Barrett's characters also use other methods in addition to the scientific method. Using specific examples from the three stories, describe the alternatives to the scientific method in Barrett's stories.

Essay Topic 3

Alec and Wallace are alter egos in "Birds with No Feet," but do other characters seem like opposite sides of the same personality? With characters within one story, or characters from different stories, discuss the double, or alter, ego in Andrea Barrett's stories. Cite specific examples from the text.

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