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Short Answer Questions

1. Who builds Hammarby?

2. What do Ruby and Jonathan tell the children when they ask about what had happened on the island?

3. What are the conditions like when Ruby and Jonathan get together?

4. How does Ruby get away from her house to call Jonathan?

5. What have Linnaeus' students done for him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Richard is sensitive about what condition?

2. Where are Jonathan and Ruby working when they meet?

3. What is remarkable about Thunberg?

4. Describe the late years in Mendel's career.

5. What does Antonia tell Richard when they are dating?

6. What happens when Ruby gets away from her family to call Jonathan?

7. In what situation is the coachman at the beginning of "The English Pupil?"

8. What vision does Linnaeus see near the fireplace?

9. How has Carl Nageli influenced Mendel's work?

10. In what state is Carl Linnaeus at the beginning of the story?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "The Marburg Sisters" and "Soroche," science is a minor aspect of the relationship between the characters and the development of the storyline in the plot. What do these stories tell us about the other stories? How does Barrett handle romantic relationships differently from relationships that are grounded in science?

Essay Topic 2

Death is a recurring presence in Barrett's stories. Citing specific examples from three stories, discuss the nature and importance of death in these stories. What does it mean to characters? Is death imbued with a scientific significance (i.e., does death ever follow Darwinian significance)?

Essay Topic 3

Barrett invokes Mendel's theories about hybridization in peas, Linnaeus' career developing a classification scheme for plants and animals, and Darwin's theories about the descent of species. Are these theories manifested in the development of the stories? That is, do the characters themselves, rather than working with these theories, provide evidence of them? Discuss three stories as evidence of scientific laws.

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