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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Dr. Sepulveda?
(a) A curator at the art museum.
(b) The tour guide who takes Joel and Zaga through Chile.
(c) Joel's step father.
(d) A widower Zaga meets in Chile.

2. What news do Rose and Bianca have from their father?
(a) That he is thinking about selling the apothecary shop.
(b) That he is ill.
(c) That he is thinking about selling the winery.
(d) That he is thinking about selling their grandfather's printmaking shop.

3. What makes Alec's decision to collect specimens from South America seem promising?
(a) Specimens are being sold for good prices.
(b) No one is collecting Amazonian specimens.
(c) Hardly any Amazonian species have been catalogued.
(d) Political turmoil in the Amazon basin has just ended.

4. At whose house is Wallace staying when Alec finds him next in 1855?
(a) Dr. Lauchlin Grant.
(b) Sir John Brooke.
(c) Mr. Barton.
(d) Mr. Adam Rowley.

5. Through Rob, Zaga get involved in what kind of investment?
(a) Developing new medicinal oils.
(b) Selling rights to a new drug.
(c) Selling rights to artwork.
(d) Marketing artwork.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose theories are Christopher Billopp, his sister Sarah Anne, and their guests discussing?

2. Bianca is thinking about what when she drives to see Rose in 1980?

3. Where does the second scene of "Rare Bird" open?

4. What are Rose and Bianca like in their youth?

5. Which sister drops out of school, and when?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Wallace and Alec not travel together in the Malay Archipelago?

2. What is the only case where Alec precedes Wallace?

3. Why can Alec not believe that there is a fire on the ship?

4. What happens on the night when Rose convinces Bianca to camp out at the lab with her?

5. Describe Rose's and Bianca's youth.

6. What happens to Sarah Anne and Catherine after they perform their experiment?

7. What experiment do Sarah Anne and Catherine perform?

8. What does Bianca do now?

9. What does Dr. Sepulveda do for Zaga when she is sick?

10. What does Zaga find in Joel's closet?

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