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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Rose's and Bianca's mother tell them to find what they need?
(a) Walk to the top of the tallest mountain around.
(b) Sit by the sea and watch the waves.
(c) Walk around a fire, repeating your question.
(d) Look into water and spin the surface with their hands.

2. Where does the second scene of "Rare Bird" open?
(a) In the church.
(b) In the laboratory.
(c) On London Bridge.
(d) In the garden.

3. Which sister drops out of school, and when?
(a) Bianca in graduate school.
(b) Rose in graduate school.
(c) Rose as an undergrad.
(d) Bianca as an undergrad.

4. Where does Alec work before he goes to the Amazon?
(a) In a shop that makes leather valises.
(b) In a museum.
(c) In a typewriter repair shop.
(d) In a taxidermist's shop.

5. Under what circumstances has Wallace lost his own specimens?
(a) Pirates steal his collection.
(b) Bailiffs impound the collection for back taxes.
(c) There is a fire on his ship.
(d) Customs agents do not let the collection through.

6. Where does Zaga find work after she moves?
(a) At a typewriter repair shop.
(b) At a midwife's office.
(c) At an art gallery.
(d) At a pediatric dental practice.

7. Where does Zaga move when the investment scheme falls through?
(a) She moves into a row house.
(b) She moves in with Joel's sister.
(c) She lives with her children.
(d) She lives on the street.

8. What does Sarah Anne think her brother thinks of her when she proposes to test the theory about swallows?
(a) She thinks that he is envious of her intelligence.
(b) She thinks that he is judging her harshly.
(c) She thinks that he resents her for being smart.
(d) She thinks that he is embarrassed by her.

9. What does Barton give Alec?
(a) Passage to the Amazon.
(b) Letters of introduction.
(c) Specimens.
(d) Money.

10. How have Wallace's fortunes changed since he meets Alec in the Amazon?
(a) He cannot raise money for further collecting trips.
(b) He publishes two books and now has an assistant.
(c) He has been ill and has not been collecting.
(d) He loses his collection in a fire on his ship.

11. What do Rose and Bianca do at midnight?
(a) Go to the cliffs.
(b) Go to the ocean.
(c) Go to the creek.
(d) Go to a bar.

12. What does Alec tell Wallace when he writes to him at the end of the story?
(a) He laments his father's death.
(b) He describes the next collecting journey he plans to take.
(c) He describes his failures.
(d) He lists the discoveries he has made.

13. What does Zaga find in Joel's closet?
(a) Baby clothes.
(b) Artwork.
(c) Pictures from Chile.
(d) Bills and letters.

14. Where is Alec Carriere when "Birds with No Feet" opens?
(a) In prison.
(b) In a museum.
(c) In a hammock.
(d) In his office.

15. What are Rose and Bianca like in their youth?
(a) Irreverent.
(b) Inseparable.
(c) Always at war with each other.
(d) Independent.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Wallace respond when Alec writes to him?

2. How does Sarah propose to test the theory of what happens to swallows in winter?

3. What do Rose and Bianca study in college?

4. How old are Rose and Bianca when their mother is killed?

5. Mrs. Pearce and Sarah Anne Billopp agree on what during their conversation?

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