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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Marburg Sisters.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How have Wallace's fortunes changed since he meets Alec in the Amazon?
(a) He cannot raise money for further collecting trips.
(b) He loses his collection in a fire on his ship.
(c) He publishes two books and now has an assistant.
(d) He has been ill and has not been collecting.

2. How does Linnaeus identify the man who arrives?
(a) He remembers that the man who arrives always reminds him of one of his schoolmates.
(b) He does not remember a wedding so it must be his daughter's fiancé.
(c) He remembers the man's mustache.
(d) He had classified his students according to eye color once.

3. What is the scientific atmosphere like in America when Alec returns with his samples?
(a) The controversies over Darwin's Origin of Species has just broken out.
(b) The Civil War has distracted all attention from science.
(c) The west is being settled and new species and fossils are creating a new enthusiasm for science.
(d) The Scopes Trial has just renewed the controversies around the question of evolution.

4. Which sister drops out of school, and when?
(a) Bianca as an undergrad.
(b) Rose as an undergrad.
(c) Bianca in graduate school.
(d) Rose in graduate school.

5. What does Rose's and Bianca's father's wife refuse to let them take?
(a) Their father's books.
(b) Their father's picture albums.
(c) Their father's tools.
(d) Their father's dogs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ruby tell her daughter when she asks who started the relationship between Ruby and Jonathan?

2. Which of Linnaeus' students has been most faithful about writing?

3. What radical text does Richard give his classes?

4. How does Rose's and Bianca's mother tell them to find what they need?

5. What is Christopher Billopp's relationship with Miss Juliet Colden?

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