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The Behavior of the Hawkweeds

• Richard gives his students Mendel's paper on pea hybridization and tell them about Mendel's life.
• During his lectures, Richard smiles at his wife, Antonia, who has learned about Mendel from her grandfather, Tati, who had known Mendel when he was a boy.
• Tati has caught a nursery foreman, Otto Leiniger, looking down Antonia's blouse and holding her arm. He stabs Leiniger who falls backward, hitting his head fatally.
• Mendel corresponds with a scientist who suggests he research hawkweeds which are difficult to hybridize. The research ruins the end of Mendel's career.
• Antonia becomes depressed, but one of Richard's students, Sebastian Dunitz, kindles her interest, although nothing eventually happens between them.

The English Pupil

• Carl Linnaeus rides out to his country estate even though his health is failing.
• His daughter and one of his students show up there, and try to get him to...

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