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Paolo Bacigalupi
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is in Uppadaya?
(a) Where Richard is going to send word to Nita's people.
(b) A scavenge house.
(c) An illegal slave market.
(d) An illegal drug market.

2. What does Nailer do as he leaps off the ship's mechanism?
(a) Pulls the lever down on the machine.
(b) Slashes at his father with his knife.
(c) Yells at Nita to run.
(d) Hits his father in the face with his boots.

3. What does Nailer feel for Richard?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Just pure rage.
(c) Vengeful.
(d) Conflicting emotions.

4. What does Nita tell Nailer when he wakes?
(a) Richard is dead.
(b) Nailer's been unconscious for several days.
(c) Lucky Girl is ill also.
(d) Richard has left the island to find Lucky Girl's father.

5. What do Nailer, Tool and, Nita get on the docks?
(a) In trouble.
(b) Jobs.
(c) Lice.
(d) Scorned.

6. What did Nita's father learn about Pyce?
(a) He sold secrets to another corporation.
(b) He was not who he said he was.
(c) He beats his wife regularly.
(d) He was mismanaging funds from the business.

7. What does Nailer realize will happen if the Pole Star sinks?
(a) The international patrol will be after the Dauntless.
(b) Nailer will finally be rid of Richard in his life.
(c) Everyone will could die, including Nita.
(d) The legal backlash could hurt his chances at freedom.

8. What does Nailer know he can never do now after the melee on the beach?
(a) Become a Lucky Strike boat owner.
(b) Claim any of the salvage.
(c) Gain his father's approval.
(d) Return to the scrap yards.

9. About what do Nita and Nailer argue?
(a) Rich people.
(b) Slavery.
(c) Exploitation.
(d) Loyalty.

10. What does Richard seem to believe?
(a) Richard and Nailer can work together on the scavenge.
(b) Nailer is loyal to him.
(c) Nailer still loves him.
(d) Lucky Girl is worth keeping alive.

11. Where do Nailer and the others with him run?
(a) Toward a train headed for Mobility.
(b) Toward a train headed for Orleans.
(c) Toward a train headed for Houston.
(d) Toward a train headed for an unknown destination.

12. Where does Nita say they need to go?
(a) The other side of the lake.
(b) About 100 kilometers west.
(c) To see a friend in Pontacharine.
(d) About forty kilometers north from where they are.

13. Why do they have to move quickly?
(a) So Nita will not venture out.
(b) Before Pyce's people realize that Nita is still alive.
(c) So Nita will not think Nailer was captured and get herself captured.
(d) To perhaps find Tool alive.

14. What does Nailer think is the best option for Pima, Nita, and himself?
(a) Flee to Houston.
(b) Flee to Orleans.
(c) Flee to Orlando.
(d) Try to kill Richard's crew and Richard.

15. What is problematic about wading in the lake?
(a) It is illegal.
(b) It has bad creatures lurking in it.
(c) It is very deep eventually.
(d) It is poisoned.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much had the crew been betting?

2. What does Tool decide to do?

3. Where does Nailer encounter Richard Lopez?

4. On what has Richard's crew been betting?

5. What ship had been chasing Nita into the storm?

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