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Paolo Bacigalupi
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Richard seem to believe?
(a) Richard and Nailer can work together on the scavenge.
(b) Lucky Girl is worth keeping alive.
(c) Nailer is loyal to him.
(d) Nailer still loves him.

2. What does Nailer beg of Richard?
(a) To let Nailer pay him more money to return to the island.
(b) To go back to the island and forget Nailer.
(c) Nailer will not beg anything of his father.
(d) To leave Nailer alone.

3. Where does Nita say they need to go?
(a) About 100 kilometers west.
(b) To see a friend in Pontacharine.
(c) About forty kilometers north from where they are.
(d) The other side of the lake.

4. What weapon does Nailer have left?
(a) His short fighting knife.
(b) A machete he took from Blue Eyes.
(c) None.
(d) A billy club.

5. Why does Richard's gang not tie up Nailer?
(a) They do tie him to a tree.
(b) Richard ordered it.
(c) It appears that Richard is pleased with Nailer.
(d) Nailer is still to ill to do anything but lie still.

6. What does Pyce seek?
(a) A good marriage match for Nita.
(b) A cure for his wife's illness.
(c) A way to bring down Nita's father completely.
(d) Power over Nita's father's company.

7. What does Nailer know he can never do now after the melee on the beach?
(a) Return to the scrap yards.
(b) Claim any of the salvage.
(c) Gain his father's approval.
(d) Become a Lucky Strike boat owner.

8. What does Captain Candless say about the ship where Tool believes Nita is being held?
(a) It had been loyal to Nita's father.
(b) It is the fastest, most dangerous ship in the fleet.
(c) It's captain can be bribed.
(d) It is very slow.

9. Why doesn't Captain Candless believe it is the ship whose name Tool recognizes?
(a) That ship is supposed to be in Japan.
(b) That ship is supposed to be in Russia.
(c) That ship is supposed to be in dry dock.
(d) That ship is supposed to be in South America.

10. What does Nailer notice that frightens him?
(a) His father is not around.
(b) Lucky Girl is frightened.
(c) Pima is frightened.
(d) Blue Eyes is sharpening her machete.

11. What does Nailer think is the best option for Pima, Nita, and himself?
(a) Try to kill Richard's crew and Richard.
(b) Flee to Houston.
(c) Flee to Orleans.
(d) Flee to Orlando.

12. What does Captain Candless hand Nailer?
(a) A letter.
(b) Some money.
(c) A pistol.
(d) A knife.

13. Where is Nailer given a job?
(a) On board the Dauntless.
(b) As a supervisor back on the island.
(c) In one of Nita's father's factories.
(d) As a dock worker.

14. How does Richard wound Nailer?
(a) Pushing him against a rotating fan.
(b) Shooting him with a laser pistol.
(c) Throwing a spanner wrench at Nailer.
(d) A slash of Richard's machete across Nailer's stomach.

15. What does Nailer see across the lake one day?
(a) Richard wading towards the docks.
(b) Sadna wading towards the docks.
(c) A small motorboard coming across the lake.
(d) A fight among a group of half-men.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes running into the shack when Blue Eyes is about to blind one of Nailer's eyes?

2. What does Tool say about blood?

3. Who is in the attic when Nailer gets up there?

4. What does Nita tell Nailer when he wakes?

5. How will the group get to where they need to go?

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