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Paolo Bacigalupi
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Captain Candless hand Nailer?
(a) A pistol.
(b) Some money.
(c) A letter.
(d) A knife.

2. How does Richard wound Nailer?
(a) Pushing him against a rotating fan.
(b) Throwing a spanner wrench at Nailer.
(c) A slash of Richard's machete across Nailer's stomach.
(d) Shooting him with a laser pistol.

3. Where does Nailer tell Nita to go?
(a) To their squat.
(b) To the dock master.
(c) To the prearranged hiding place.
(d) To the police.

4. What does Captain Candless do after hearing Nailer's story?
(a) Throws Nailer overboard.
(b) Gathers a crew to go get Nita.
(c) Tells Nailer to go bring Nita to the ship.
(d) Throws Nailer in the brig.

5. Where is Lucky Girl when Nailer wakes?
(a) Nailer cannot find her.
(b) Handcuffed to Tool.
(c) Chained to a tree.
(d) Handcuffed to Blue Eyes.

6. Where does the Dauntless need to reach before the Pole Star catches her?
(a) A neutral zone near Mobile.
(b) The lee side of the island.
(c) The Teeth.
(d) The Orleans harbor.

7. What does Nailer think about as he is creeping toward Blue Eyes?
(a) Being captive on the island for the rest of his life.
(b) All the love he has received from Pima and her mother.
(c) All the violence he has seen in his young life.
(d) Being free of the island.

8. What happens when Candless leaps on board and orders the crew to surrender?
(a) Nita runs forward.
(b) He is met with silence.
(c) He is sprayed with gunshot.
(d) The Pole Star crew surrenders.

9. What does Pyce seek?
(a) A cure for his wife's illness.
(b) A way to bring down Nita's father completely.
(c) A good marriage match for Nita.
(d) Power over Nita's father's company.

10. What did Nita's father learn about Pyce?
(a) He sold secrets to another corporation.
(b) He was mismanaging funds from the business.
(c) He beats his wife regularly.
(d) He was not who he said he was.

11. What is in Uppadaya?
(a) An illegal slave market.
(b) A scavenge house.
(c) Where Richard is going to send word to Nita's people.
(d) An illegal drug market.

12. Who fights Blue Eyes?
(a) Nailer.
(b) Moby.
(c) Sadna.
(d) Tools.

13. What does Pima do when Nailer starts to argue with Richard?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Asks him a misleading question.
(c) Sends him a warning look.
(d) Pretends to trip and knocks him over.

14. What weapon does Nailer have left?
(a) His short fighting knife.
(b) A billy club.
(c) A machete he took from Blue Eyes.
(d) None.

15. What does Nailer decide to do?
(a) Try to circle around and find out what happened to Tool.
(b) Try to ambush and kill Richard.
(c) Swim out to Nita's father's boat.
(d) Find a way to row out to the clipper.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Nailer lose his pistol?

2. Where do Nailer and the others with him run?

3. Where is Nailer given a job?

4. What does Nailer feel for Richard?

5. Where does Nita say they need to go?

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