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Paolo Bacigalupi
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes running into the shack when Blue Eyes is about to blind one of Nailer's eyes?
(a) Nita.
(b) No one.
(c) Sadna and her crew.
(d) Richard.

2. Which ship has Nita seen?
(a) The Iron Mountain.
(b) The Monitor.
(c) The Constitution.
(d) The Dauntless.

3. What do the travelers realize when they check their pockets?
(a) They have very little money.
(b) They are full of muck and debris.
(c) They have no identification.
(d) They have enough money to get them across the lake.

4. What does Tool say about blood?
(a) It is thicker than water.
(b) Nothing.
(c) It is usually true to itself.
(d) It does not determine one's fate.

5. What does Nailer beg of Richard?
(a) To leave Nailer alone.
(b) To go back to the island and forget Nailer.
(c) Nailer will not beg anything of his father.
(d) To let Nailer pay him more money to return to the island.

6. What does Sadna ask of Tool?
(a) To protect the children on their journey.
(b) To start a fire and burn Blue Eyes' body.
(c) To make it look like Blue Eyes was guilty and deserved death.
(d) To kill Richard.

7. What surprises Nailer about the place where he leads the men?
(a) The entire mansion is empty.
(b) The entire mansion is on fire.
(c) There are several crews surrounding the mansion.
(d) The doors are locked.

8. Why doesn't Captain Candless believe it is the ship whose name Tool recognizes?
(a) That ship is supposed to be in Russia.
(b) That ship is supposed to be in dry dock.
(c) That ship is supposed to be in South America.
(d) That ship is supposed to be in Japan.

9. What does Nailer convince Knot to do?
(a) Give Nailer reading lessons.
(b) Ask the Captain for another job.
(c) Let Nailer run errands.
(d) Let Nailer maintain the fires.

10. On what has Richard's crew been betting?
(a) If Lucky Girl's father would ransom her.
(b) If Nailer would survive.
(c) If Pima stays loyal to Nailer.
(d) If Nailer stays loyal to Lucky Girl.

11. What does Nailer think is the best option for Pima, Nita, and himself?
(a) Flee to Orleans.
(b) Flee to Houston.
(c) Try to kill Richard's crew and Richard.
(d) Flee to Orlando.

12. Why do Nailer and Nita grow closer?
(a) Nital hopes Nailer will not get tired of looking out for her.
(b) Nailer respects Nita's hard work.
(c) Nailer hopes to make sure Nita does not desert him.
(d) Nita respects Nailer's loyalty.

13. What do Nailer, Tool and, Nita get on the docks?
(a) Scorned.
(b) In trouble.
(c) Jobs.
(d) Lice.

14. What is in Uppadaya?
(a) Where Richard is going to send word to Nita's people.
(b) A scavenge house.
(c) An illegal slave market.
(d) An illegal drug market.

15. What does Nailer decide to do?
(a) Try to ambush and kill Richard.
(b) Try to circle around and find out what happened to Tool.
(c) Find a way to row out to the clipper.
(d) Swim out to Nita's father's boat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Captain Candless do after hearing Nailer's story?

2. What does Nita say is in Tool's genes?

3. What makes the interior of the ship so eerie as Nailer is running through it?

4. What does Nita tell Nailer when he wakes?

5. To what ship does Tool say Nita has been taken?

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