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Paolo Bacigalupi
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 4 - 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nailer tell Sloth?
(a) He is in a poisonous vapor duct.
(b) He has broken his arm.
(c) He is swimming in oil.
(d) He has found some gold wires.

2. What happens when Nailer walks through the door of his home?
(a) He steps on a body.
(b) He smells something dead.
(c) His father says something.
(d) His father strikes a match.

3. How does Nailer manage to avoid a beating from his father?
(a) Nailer gives him a bottle of liquor.
(b) Nailer tells him that he was promoted.
(c) Nailer tells him that Bapi wants to talk to the father.
(d) Nailer runs quickly to his room.

4. Who is Bapi?
(a) The dock foreman.
(b) The beat cop.
(c) The crew boss.
(d) The accountant.

5. To what does Nailer attribute his feelings about Bright Sands Beach?
(a) His near death experience.
(b) His father's feelings about it.
(c) His possible bonus coming up.
(d) His mother's feelings about it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Sloth?

2. How does Nailer explain why he took so long to get what he gathered?

3. What does Sadna pull from Nailer's skull?

4. How many dives does it take Nailer to open the door?

5. Upon what is Nailer tugging?

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