Objects & Places from Ship Breaker

Paolo Bacigalupi
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This is a term used to refer to the teams of children which work stripping scavenges together.

Ship Breakers

These are the young children, hired for their small size, who work stripping oil tankers of metal.

Lucky Strike

This happens when a member of crew, like Nailer, happens across valuable, and somewhat hidden, material while working on a scavenge.

Fever Eye

This is the condition dying people have in their last moments.

Crystal Slide

This is the condition drug addicts are in when they're flying high.

The Fates

These are the gods that rule the island.

The Wind Witch

This is the clipper on which Nita is found and the ship that Nailer scavenges in his Lucky Strike.

Bright Sands Beach

This is the beach where Nailer and the rest of the crew live.


This is the flooded city once known as New Orleans.

The Dauntless

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