Ship Breaker Character Descriptions

Paolo Bacigalupi
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Nailer Lopez

He is the teenage protagonist of the novel. He works as a ship breaker.

Nita Chaudhury Patel

She is the swank, rich girl that Nailer finds aboard the wrecked clipper ship after the massive storm that destroys Bright Sands Beach.

Richard Lopez

He is Nailer's father.


He is the half-man that accompanies Nailer and Nita on their journey to Orleans.


She is Nailer's best friend on crew.


She is Nailer's crewgirl while he's working light crew for Bapi.


He is the boss man of Nailer's crew while he works stripping tankers.

Lucky Strike

He is a crew member who found an oil pocket while breaking a ship and managed to siphon enough of the oil away to buy his freedom from the crew.


She is Pima's mother and the closest thing Nailer has to a mother figure throughout the novel.

Blue Eyes

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