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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What advice does Hallorann give Danny before he and Wendy move away?
(a) He encourages Danny to dwell on the past and learn from it
(b) He tells Danny to love those who die, but to get on with life
(c) He tells Danny to toughen up, putting the past behind him
(d) He advises Danny to forget his father and the pain he caused

2. How does Wendy get away from Jack?
(a) She knocks him unconscious
(b) She locks him in the bedroom
(c) She scrambles into the bedroom and locks herself in the bathroom
(d) She pushes him down the stairs

3. What is Hallorann thinking when he goes to the equipment shed to get blankets?
(a) He thinks that none of this tragedy is Danny's fault
(b) He thinks how lucky he is to have met Danny
(c) He wishes he didn't have any powers
(d) Blood and death fill his mind

4. What does Jack think about doing when he picks up the roque mallet in the shed?
(a) Burning it in the furnace
(b) Locking it in the tool box
(c) Destroying the snowmobile
(d) Throwing it out in the snow

5. Where does Dick Hallorann work after the tragedy at the Overlook?
(a) A diner in New York
(b) A bed and breakfast inn in Vermont
(c) A small resort in Maine
(d) A restaurant in Colorado

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it that Danny says to get Jack to leave him alone?

2. What does Danny wonder when Wendy tells him they will get out in the spring?

3. Halloran points toward the playground and what does Danny see?

4. Why does Jack force Danny to look out the window at the topiary?

5. Where does Danny find Wendy and Hallorann?

Short Essay Questions

1. Jack leaves Room 217 and goes back to the kitchen where Wendy and Danny are waiting. What does he tell them he found in Room 217?

2. What does Jack do when he finds Wendy in the ballroom?

3. What plans do Wendy have for the future?

4. What advice does Hallorann give to Danny while they are living in Maine?

5. What is Danny dreaming when he awakens from a nightmare in the bedroom?

6. Jack goes to the equipment shed and finds the snowmobile. What does he decide to do after he finds all the parts he needs to get the Skidoo running?

7. Danny realizes he needs help after Tony explains that he can't come anymore because the spirits in the Overlook won't let him. What does Danny do once he discovers that REDRUM spells MURDER?

8. What reply does Dick Hallorann get from the ranger station when he calls them, asking that they go check on the Torrances?

9. What does Jack see and hear when he goes to the Colorado Lounge?

10. How does Hallorann escape from the hedge lion's attack?

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