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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Lloyd when Jack asks what the manager wants with his son?
(a) Lloyd disappears
(b) Lloyd turns red with anger
(c) Lloyd turns into a snake
(d) Lloyd's face changes shape, cracking and turning yellow

2. What does Jack see while he is locked in the pantry?
(a) He sees Danny laughing at him
(b) He sees Ullman grinning
(c) He sees his father's murder of his mother with a cane
(d) He sees his father crying with guilt for murdering Jack's mother

3. What do Wendy, Danny, and Hallorann do in the final paragraph of the story?
(a) They sit together fishing on a dock in the afternoon sun
(b) They argue about where Wendy and Danny should live
(c) They complain that their lives will always be full of tragedy
(d) They talk about all the horrors of the Overlook hotel

4. What happens when Danny tries to call Hallorann for help?
(a) He loses his powers
(b) Tony screams at him to stop
(c) A shape carrying a mallet chases him, telling him to stop calling for help
(d) The hedge lion jumps at him

5. What does Danny wonder when Wendy tells him they will get out in the spring?
(a) He wonders is his father will get better
(b) He wonders if there will ever be a spring
(c) He wonders if Wendy will turn against him
(d) He wonders if he will be attacked by hedge animals

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it that Danny says to get Jack to leave him alone?

2. What does Danny realize about his father when Jack chases him?

3. What does Jack do after Wendy stabs him?

4. How does Wendy ward off Jack?

5. What does Jack say is in the elevator?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hallorann escape from the hedge lion's attack?

2. What events take place after Wendy finds Jack drunk on the floor?

3. What plans do Wendy have for the future?

4. What does the conversation between Grady and Jack consist of while they are in the Colorado Lounge?

5. What does Jack hope Wendy asks him after he slaps Danny and they get him settled down to sleep?

6. What happens when the monster invading Jack's body goes into the boiler roo

7. Danny realizes he needs help after Tony explains that he can't come anymore because the spirits in the Overlook won't let him. What does Danny do once he discovers that REDRUM spells MURDER?

8. What does Jack continue to scream while he is locked in the pantry?

9. Jack goes to the equipment shed and finds the snowmobile. What does he decide to do after he finds all the parts he needs to get the Skidoo running?

10. What does Jack do when he finds Wendy in the ballroom?

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