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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack yank out of the snowmobile and throw in the snow?
(a) The magneto
(b) The gearshift
(c) The brake cables
(d) The gas tank

2. How does Wendy get away from Jack?
(a) She knocks him unconscious
(b) She pushes him down the stairs
(c) She locks him in the bedroom
(d) She scrambles into the bedroom and locks herself in the bathroom

3. How do Danny and Wendy try to drown out Jack's screams?
(a) Read books out loud
(b) Cover their ears
(c) Sing a song
(d) Listen to music

4. What does Jack announce as he enters the Colorado Lounge?
(a) He says that he must be imagining all of this
(b) He says that he is leaving the Overlook
(c) He says that he has been away but now he is back
(d) He says that he never should have come to the hotel

5. What does Jack wonder about Danny's blank face and catatonic state after he goes into Room 217?
(a) He thinks Danny might be play-acting to escape punishment
(b) He wonders what punishment he should give Danny for trespassing
(c) He is worried that Danny will never be the same
(d) He wonders if Danny never went in Room 217

6. What does Grady tell Jack he has to do?
(a) Discipline Wendy and Danny
(b) Write a history of the Overlook
(c) Find Ullman
(d) Destroy the scrapbook

7. What does Jack do to Wendy when he finds her?
(a) He tells her that he has killed Danny
(b) He says that Hallorann is not coming
(c) He tells her that he is sorry
(d) He crashes the mallet into her spine

8. What does Jack see while he is locked in the pantry?
(a) He sees his father's murder of his mother with a cane
(b) He sees his father crying with guilt for murdering Jack's mother
(c) He sees Danny laughing at him
(d) He sees Ullman grinning

9. What does Wendy vow to do if Danny is in danger?
(a) Take him into the mountains if she has to
(b) Hide in the basement with him
(c) Get the snowmobile started and escape
(d) Go to her mothers

10. Why does Jack force Danny to look out the window at the topiary?
(a) Because Danny is always afraid to look at the topiary
(b) Because Danny told Jack and Wendy that the hedge animals attacked him
(c) Because the hedge animals look like snow animals in the storm
(d) Because Jack just trimmed the hedge animals

11. Why does Danny run toward the porch of the hotel when he is playing in the snow?
(a) The hedge animals begin chasing him
(b) He has a premonition that something is wrong inside
(c) He has a terrifying vision
(d) He hears something strange in the playground

12. Who is it that Danny realizes is chasing him?
(a) Lloyd and Mr. Grady
(b) It is the evil force of the Overlook hiding behind his father's face
(c) The wasps from the nest Jack found
(d) The woman in Room 217

13. How does Jack feel when Wendy asks him how he is going to get them off the mountain?
(a) He laughs angrily, telling Wendy they are snowed in
(b) He ignores her
(c) He slaps her
(d) He apologizes for not making arrangements for getting them into town

14. What is Hallorann thinking when he goes to the equipment shed to get blankets?
(a) He thinks how lucky he is to have met Danny
(b) Blood and death fill his mind
(c) He wishes he didn't have any powers
(d) He thinks that none of this tragedy is Danny's fault

15. Where does Danny find Wendy and Hallorann?
(a) Locked in the bedroom
(b) On the second floor
(c) In the pantry
(d) In Room 217

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hallorann escape from the hedge lion's attack?

2. What happens when Wendy offers to help Jack upstairs?

3. Wendy is severely injured. How does she get out of the Overlook?

4. What does Wendy remember that gets her excited?

5. Where does Wendy find a job after she recovers from her injuries?

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