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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 57, Exit.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sound awakens the Torrances?
(a) Breaking glass
(b) Howling outside the window
(c) The elevator running up and down the shaft
(d) Screams from Room 217

2. What does Jack see in the bathroom of Room 217 the second time he looks?
(a) Hallorann's body
(b) A bathtub of blood
(c) Nothing again
(d) A woman's shape in the tub

3. What is the terrible dream Danny awakens from?
(a) He dreams that Jack hits him with a mallet
(b) He dreams that the hedge lion ripped him to pieces
(c) He dreams that he and his mother watch as the hotel burns to the ground, seeing Jack on fire
(d) He dreams that the dead woman in Room 217 strangled him

4. Why is Jack mocking George?
(a) Because George's father is wealthy
(b) Because George is dense
(c) Because George stutters
(d) Because George is a wimp

5. What random thought comes to Jack when reading about the costume ball?
(a) Wendy's mother should wear a mask
(b) The red death held sway over all
(c) He wants to return to Stovington
(d) Al Shockley is a true friend

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hallorann escape from the hedge lion's attack?

2. How is Hallorann forced off the road on the way to the Overlook?

3. What thought is Hallorann shining to Danny?

4. How do Danny and Wendy react after Jack tells them he found nothing in Room 217?

5. Watson explains every hotel has its scandals. What is Overlook's?

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