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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 47, Danny | Chapter 48, Jack.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Wendy resigned to accept?
(a) Her restless nights will last the remainder of her lifetime
(b) The family will always struggle and never get ahead
(c) Danny has an unbreakable bond with Jack
(d) Jack and Al will remain drunkards

2. What does Jack do when he sees George in the act of vandalism?
(a) Calls campus security
(b) Asks the debate class to witness the events
(c) Shouts a vulgarity as George flees the scene
(d) Disarms him and punches him out

3. What does Jack decide to do if Wendy asks him why Danny said that he knew about the hedge animals?
(a) He will say that Danny is schizophrenic
(b) He will tell Wendy everything he knows about the strange events in the Overlook
(c) He will deny it
(d) He will not answer her

4. What does Jack have to promise Grady to get him to open the pantry door?
(a) He will leave the Overlook
(b) He will kill Wendy and bring Danny to the manager
(c) He will kill Wendy and Danny
(d) He will kill himself

5. What does Wendy vow to do if Danny is in danger?
(a) Hide in the basement with him
(b) Take him into the mountains if she has to
(c) Go to her mothers
(d) Get the snowmobile started and escape

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jack respond to Wendy's suggestion Danny get a check-up?

2. What is the outcome of Jack's attack on George Hatfield?

3. What would Jack do to the topiary animals if he owned the Overlook?

4. What does Jack do when he gets out of the pantry?

5. What happens when Wendy offers to help Jack upstairs?

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