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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 49, Hallorann, Going up the Country | Chapter 50, Redrum.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tony do as he stands at the bus stop down the block?
(a) He tells Danny not to go
(b) Insanely laughs in to the darkness
(c) Signals Danny to join him
(d) Grins and slowly walks toward Danny

2. What is the premonition Hallorann has after getting the call from Danny?
(a) Destruction
(b) Goodness
(c) Evil
(d) Death

3. What does Danny tell Wendy when she asks him if he talked to Tony?
(a) He tells her that he doesn't want to talk to Tony
(b) He tells her that Tony isn't real
(c) He tells her that Tony doesn't want to help
(d) He says that the things in the hotel won't let Tony come anymore

4. What does Wendy assume happened to Danny's neck?
(a) Danny fell on the stairs
(b) Jack did it
(c) Danny did it
(d) Danny did it with his jump rope

5. What does Jack see while he is locked in the pantry?
(a) He sees Ullman grinning
(b) He sees Danny laughing at him
(c) He sees his father crying with guilt for murdering Jack's mother
(d) He sees his father's murder of his mother with a cane

Short Answer Questions

1. When Danny breaks free from Wendy's arms, what does he scream?

2. What happens as Danny stands at the bedroom window at 2 AM?

3. What does Wendy think as she, Danny, and Jack watch the snow fall?

4. Why is Jack feeling sympathy for Ullman as he says his goodbyes?

5. What does Jack tell Ullman he intends to do?

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