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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33, The Snowmobile | Chapter 34, The Hedges.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What occurs at the scenic turnout?
(a) Wendy refuses to look at the panorama
(b) The VW overheats and stalls for hours
(c) Wendy comments on heavy traffic coming from Overlook
(d) Danny realizes REDRUM is at the Overlook

2. Why is the road from town to Overlook not plowed?
(a) No residences on that road
(b) Hotel is closed
(c) Danger of falling rock
(d) The road is too steep

3. What gruesome literary work comes to mind as Danny stands at room 217?
(a) Bluebeard
(b) Fitcher's Bird
(c) How the Devil Married Three Sisters
(d) The Bloody Chamber

4. What does Jack do when he sees George in the act of vandalism?
(a) Disarms him and punches him out
(b) Shouts a vulgarity as George flees the scene
(c) Calls campus security
(d) Asks the debate class to witness the events

5. What happens as Danny stands at the bedroom window at 2 AM?
(a) He sees a deserted street
(b) He sees Jack passed out on the sidewalk.
(c) He hears only soft breezes.
(d) He sees vandals once again puncture VW tires

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the important responsibility of the caretaker that Ullman reminds Jack of?

2. As Danny lies awake, what does he imagine about flesh eating plants?

3. Where do Wendy and Jack find Danny?

4. What entire bottle of tablets did Jack chew to stop a hangover?

5. What happens in the hallway that nearly freezes Danny with terror?

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