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Short Answer Questions

1. Who leads the cavalry attack in Jefferson's recount?

2. What is the rank of Otto's commander?

3. What is Otto's job in the war?

4. Who does Keller cuss?

5. What is Keller's rank?

Short Essay Questions

1. What convinces Otto to retreat from the fighting and how does he leave?

2. What does Otto's tale of the dog demonstrate about the weaponry used in the war and why?

3. What conclusion does Forrest draw after joining Jefferson at his lookout point and what obstacle does he face?

4. How many people does Forrest lose from his cavalry unit in the Shiloh area battles? How do you know?

5. What unnerves Otto most about the battle and why?

6. What information does Armory provide regarding the wounded? How does he feel about his fellow squad members?

7. What is the weather like for the troop in Chapter 6? How do the soldiers know a battle is nearing?

8. How and why is it important for the reader to know exactly who is narrating in Chapter 6?

9. Where does Otto go when he retreats from the fighting and what does he do there?

10. How do the members of the squad in Chapter 6 feel about each other? How does one narrator describe this?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the difference between conflict and crisis in a novel? How are they similar? Also relate the differences and similarities specifically to Shiloh.

Essay Topic 2

What does it mean to compare? What does it mean to contrast? Explain the importance of both in literature.

Essay Topic 3

There are four points of view in which literature is written: first person, third person objective, third person limited, and omniscient. Which point of view does the author use in this book? Is this the most effective point of view for this story? Why or why not?

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